Fiumicino airpot is only 60 km away from the Port of Civitavecchia. It can be reached by train or by car.


There isn't a direct train connection with the airport, so you will have to change trains. Go to the Station of Civitavecchia and take the direct train to Roma Trastevere. From the Trastevere Station regional trains leave every hour to Fiumicino airport. This way, the journey will take slightly over an hour and a half, paying €11.

We recommend you to check the timetables on the site of Trenitalia.


The journey by car is much easier and faster. Outside the port of Civitavecchia head for the highway and follow the directions that will take you to Fiumicino airport in less than an hour.
Leave your car in one of the large parking lots at the airport. Visit the site of the airport for further information.

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