Also in 2018 the Lazio has proved to be one of the regions with the highest number of Blue Flag beaches.

Establishedin 1987 by the FEE (European Foundation for Environmental Education) in 1987, the Blue Flag is a certification that is awarded each year in 73 European and non-European countries with the aim to certify the quality of the environment in coastal resorts, but also the safety and the quality of the services offered.

The big news in 2018 for the Lazio are that Anzio (Tor Caldara beach) is no longer a Blue Flag beach and is a new entry with the beach in via della Rena facing the Lake Bracciano.

In summary, the towns in Lazio that have achieved the Vlue Flag recognition in 2018 are: Latina (Lido), Sabaudia (Lungomare), San Felice Circeo (Litorale), Terracina (beaches of Levante and Ponente), Sperlonga (beaches of Ponente, Lago Lungo, Levante, Bazzano), Gaeta (Beaches Arenauta, Ariana, Sant'Agostino, Serapo), Ventotene (Cala Nave) and, of course, the new entry Trevignano Romano (beach in via della Rena). 

Finally, regarding dockingGaeta has gained the Blue Flag recognition with the Flavio Gioia Nautical Base of Gaeta.

Latina Blue Flag 2018

The coastline of Latina has also this year been awarded with the Blue Flag certification. From the promontory of Torre Asturia (Nettuno) to Sabaudia, the long coastline of the Lazio capital city combines the beauty of a limpid and crystalline sea with the rich offer of coastal resorts and restaurants along the sea.

Well connected to Rome by train, Latina is a great option if you wish to visit the wonders of Rome as well as enjoying some relaxing time by the sea. Also inland are many charming little old towns like Norma, Sermoneta and last but not least the Gardens of Ninfa.

Latina Beach - Blue Flag 2018

Latina Beach - Blue Flag 2018

Sabaudia Blue Flag 2018

Further on along the Pontine coastline in the province of Latina is Sabaudia, a really appreciated town frequented by VIPs. Also this year it has obtained the Blue Flag certification. 

Its 15-kilometer beach is characterised by splendid Quaternary sand dunes and by Mediterranean vegetation.

The clean sea and the crisp, oxygenated air of the Circeo Forest, together with an usual life in peace have made Sabaudia a privileged destination for a holiday in pursuit of relaxation.

The access to the beach is made easy by boardwalks, placed along the whole coastline, allowing the dunes to remain untouched. In summer, some reserved areas are set up with several stands that offer various services to tourists.

A stretch of Sabaudia - Blue Flag 2018

A stretch of Sabaudia - Blue Flag 2018

San Felice al Circeo Blue Flag 2018

Right after Sabaudia after the promontory, we find San Felice Circeo, one of the sea towns in the Pontine litoral, particularly appreciated by Romans for its clean water and golden sand. 

Steeped in Mediterranean scrub, with a beatiful promontory dominating it from above, this beach offers visitors really unique views. Actually, it is located within the Circeo National Park, one of Italy's oldest natural protected areas.

The area is also very windy, making it a paradise for surfers and windsurfers. Also people who love scuba diving will go wild thanks to the wonderful sea bottom, enriched by the presence of some sank statues, like the bronze statue of Christ of Circeo, placed under the sea in 1992, and the statue of the Face of Christ, by artist Ignazio Colagrossi.

San Felice al Circeo - Blue Flag 2018

San Felice al Circeo - Blue Flag 2018

Terracina Blue Flag 2018

For the second consecutive year Terracina has been awarded the Blue Flag certification, appointing the Pontine province as a true attraction for beach tourists in the Lazio region.

With more than three kilometers of equipped beach and many nightspots, Terracina has become in the last years one of the destinations preferred by young people.

Located at the southern end of the Pontine Marshes, at the sheer cliffs of Ausoni Mountains, Terracina really has a lot to offer to tourists: From Monte S.Angelo with the remains of the Temple of Jupiter Anxur to the Cathedral of San Cesareo, from Via Appia with its neoclassical style to the new modern districts built along the coast, in addition to the crystal clear sea and a beach of golden sand.

Terracina - Blue Flag 2018

Terracina - Blue Flag 2018

Gaeta Blue Flag 2018

With its 7 beaches, the coastline of Gaeta is beyond doubt one of the most beautiful beach resorts throughout Lazio and gets the Blue Flag certification.

10 kilometers of beaches only spaced out by small inlets and rocky peaks. From the slopes of the Split Mountain the coast arrives until the suggestive grottoes of Sperlonga.

The light and very fine sand, clear water and surrounded by thick Mediterranean vegetation are the ingredients that make these beaches unique.

To learn more about the so-called 7 beaches of Gaeta read our in-depth article.

A stretch of coastline in Gaeta - Blue Flag 2018

A stretch of coastline in Gaeta - Blue Flag 2018

Sperlonga Blue Flag 2018

Sperlonga is a favourite tourist destination in the Pontine coastline. Its beautiful beaches have earned also in 2016 the Blue Flag certification.

Among the most famous beaches is for sure Canzatora, ideal for families with children, or Fontana, one of the most busy. It's also worth going to Salette, Bonifica, Angolo, Bazzano and Bambole.

Finally, we can't help but mentioning the well-known Cave of Tiberius, an evocative natural cave that was in the past part of the Villa of Emperor Tiberious and is today frequented by snorkelers. Not far from the remains of the villa is the National Archeological Museum of Sperlonga, where important sculpted groups from the cave are preserved.

Sperlonga - Blue Flag 2018

Sperlonga - Blue Flag 2018

Cala Neve on Ventotene Island Blue Flag 2018

Last but not least is Cala Nave in the little island of Ventotene, which belongs to the Pontine islands of the Thyrrenean sea.

The beach is always packed, especially in the months of high season, and it has soft dark sand and transparent and very clean water. In addition, the views are emebllished by the presence in the horizon of the close Island of Santo Stefano.

A heavenly corner easily reachable on foot from the city center and well equipped with restaurants, bars and beach resorts.

Cala Nave in Ventotene - Blue Flag 2018

Cala Nave in Ventotene - Blue Flag 2018

Trevignano Romano Blue Flag 2018

Trevignano Romano faces out onto the South coast of Lake Bracciano, surrounded by the Bracciano-Matignano Natural Regional Park.

The beach of Via della Rena, along the Lake Trevignano is the new entry in the Blue Flag beaches rank 2018 in Lazio.

The beach, recently under a close redevelopment policy, hosts the main accommodations, bars and restaurants. Also, from the promenade along the Lake Trevignanoyou can easily get to the old town with the Church of Saint Mary of the Assumption, the Orsini Castle, the Public Museum and other historical monuments of remarkable interest.


But the beaches in Lazio don't end here! In fact it is right to remember also other beautiful beaches of the coast that are highly frequented in summer.

Some of them are Tarquinia Lido, with a long beach frequented by both the youth and families from Civitavecchia.

Tarquinia - Porto Clementino Beach

Tarquinia - Porto Clementino Beach

Also Santa Marinella and Santa Severa, are without doubt the most popular beaches of North Lazio.

Promenade - Santa Marinella

Promenade - Santa Marinella

Enjoy your holidays and the beach!

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