Port Mobility manages daily, on behalf of the Port System Authority, the control and manteinance of viability and signage assisted by specific tools and machines for each activity, in full compliance with the applicable regulations and guaranteeing quality, efficiency and safety of employees.

We present every year the (ordinary and extraordinary) Manteinance Plan for the Port of Civitavecchia, including:

  • control of port enclosures and gates;
  • manteinance and cleaning of concrete blocks and keller webs;
  • manteinance of iron signage holders;
  • regular interventions on roads (gratings, storm drains ans manhole covers);
  • localised interventions on roads with cold tarmac;
  • road manteinance/restoring of surface course and possible reclamations;
  • manteinance of horizontal and vertical signage.

Port Viability

Port Mobility provides a service to the authorities who are in charge of managing port viability and they do so  thanks to 24/7 specialized workers. The main activities within the Port of Civitavecchia are:

  • traffic directions within the port;
  • management of pre-embarkation areas during embarking/disembarking of cars from ferries;
  • preparation and removal of temporal pedestrian walkaways.
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