Civitavecchia Market, also known as San Lorenzo Market is located in the heart of the hiscotric center, around Piazza Regina Margherita.

It is here where every morning citizens come to buy fresh food products, such as fruit and vegetables, as well as to the well-known and blooming Fish market, flagship of the city.

Civitavecchia Market (Credits Pixabay)

Civitavecchia Market (Credits Pixabay)

The area has been taking shape from 1884 after the city walls that marked the limits between the city and the neighboring country were knocked down.

In recent years, San Lorenzo Market has been subject to a progressive requalification during which it has been temporally transfered close to the place, taking up most of the area over the so-called railway cuttings. Recently, from Novembre 2014 most of the fruit&veg shop keepers has finally been able to move inside the new building, while the Fish Market will have to wait yet for some months before the definitive finalising of the place.

Civitavecchia - Fish Market

Civitavecchia - Fish Market

The historic fish market of Civitavecchia, was actually born within an exclusive wall structure dating back to 1904. The adjacent square is surrounded by buildings and oak trees with a big characteristic palm in the middle. In the North side there is the site to the Port Company, whose original building dates back to 1911 and in recent years has undergone many restoration and modernisation works.

In the Civitavecchia Market you can really find goods of all sorts

If you explore the historic center in a morning walk, it is really worth to stop by and taking the chance to buy something there. Besides the many stalls of fresh food products, such as fruit, vegetables and sish, you can find many other gastronomic specialities bound to the territory, like cheese, cold meat and other delicacies.

The area of the market is really the pulsing heart of the city, always extremely busy with buyers and passers-by that stop even only for some minutes to enjoy a coffee.

Civitavecchia - Fish Market

Civitavecchia - Fish Market

Finally, in the area you can find bars, pizzerias, news-stands, a multi-screen cinema and many stalls selling clothes, various objects and souvenirs.

Useful information

San Lorenzo Market - Civitavecchia


The Market can be easily reached by foot from different points of departure spread around the city:

- if you are close to Porta Livorno or in Piazza Luigi Calamatta near to our Information point of Porta Città, we recommend to continue along Corso Guglielmo Marconi and once you are in front of the imposing Cathedral turn left in Viale Mazzini. The short small uphill street, still paved with typical Roman "sanpietrini", will lead you straight to the market.

- if you are at the end of Corso Centocelle, not far from the Trajan Theater, turn left in Via Duca degli Abbruzzi and go up the stairs in front of you: you have arrived.

- if you are close to Varco Fortezza passage near to Fort Michelangelo you will only have to go along Largo Mons.d'Ardia where the Archaeological Museum is located, enter in the pedestrian area of Corso Centocelle and continue along as explained above.

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