Getting to Rome from Civitavecchia is really as easy as pie! Both cities are well connected by train, by bus routes and by the stretch of highway A12 Roma-Civitavecchia.

You only need to chose the most suitable option for your demands!



The Civitavecchia Train Station is directly connected to the main station in Rome, especially with line FL5 that takes you to Roma Termini, with important intermediate stops like Roma San Pietro, Roma Trastevere and Roma Ostiense.

If you are, otherwise, in need to get to Fiumicino Airport, you have to get off at Roma Trastevere or Roma Ostiense and change to line FL1 that links the stations from Orte to Fiumicino. Line FL1 can be used as well to get to Roma Tiburtina Station.

From Civitavecchia leaves a train bound for Rome approximately every 30 minutes. Among the many public transports available, the train is surely the most comfortable solution to get to Rome from Civitavecchia. If you don't mean to trust a private transfer with a Tour Operator, we recommend then, to used train transport.

To find out more about timetables, ticket prices, where to buy them and the different kinds of train available, we invite you to carefully read our in-depth article about Civitavecchia Station and refer to Trenitalia official site.

Civitavecchia - Rome by train

Civitavecchia - Rome by train


Civitavecchia is connected to Rome by the buses of the public transport agency COTRAL.

For those arriving at Largo della Pace, the point of arrival and departure for all cruises, the most convenient stops are Porta Tarquinia and Piazza Vittorio (Cathedral), which are only 100 meters away, the first and 250 meters the second. But be careful in these two stops the Cotral bus passes only once a week. Below are the timetables:

  •      Porta Tarquinia: Sunday 07.40
  •      Piazza Vittorio: Sunday 08.48

Anyway, with COTRAL it will take roughly 1 hour an 40 minutes to reach Roma Cornelia and the ticket price is €3,90 leaving from Porta Tarquinia and Piazza Vittorio. Tickets can be boguht at any tobacco shop and other sellers, displaying the brand name COTRAL. For further information refer to the official site.

Civitavecchia - Rome by bus

Civitavecchia - Rome by bus


To get to Rome from Civitavecchia by car the easiest solution is to drive along the stretch of highway A12. About 70 km separate both cities, a distance that can be covered in approximately 1 hour.

Civitavecchia has two motorway exits, called Civitavecchia Sud and Civitavecchia Nord rispectively. Today, the toll costs €1.20 south and €2.30 north.

Leaving from Civitavecchia towards Rome, you will find the exits to Santa Marinella/Santa Severa, Cerveteri/Ladispoli, Torrimpietra, Maccarese/Fregene until you get to the junction with highway A91 Roma-Fiumicino that takes to the Leonardo da Vinci Airport. Along the way you will find many parking areas with wide car parks, services, bars and gas stations.

If you have just left the Port of Civitavecchia you will be at about 7 km from exit Civitavecchia Sud and at 5.5 km from Civitavecchia Nord. No matter which exit you take, to get to Rome you have two options:

  • take the exit Torrimpietra (toll €1.20) and continue along the stretch of State Highway Aurelia that rejoins with GRA, Rome's ring road. If you exit at Civitavecchia Sud you will spend an overall of €2.40, while exiting at Civitavecchia Nord costs €3.50 (price for one way);
  • exit at Maccarese/Fregene (toll €2.30) and continue along until the point in which the A12 cuts across Roma-Fiumicino Road. From there, you will obviously carry on towards Rome. If you exit at Civitavecchia Sud you will spend an overall of €3.50, while exiting at Civitavecchia Nord costs €4.60 (price for one way).
A stretch of highway A12 linking Civitavecchia with Roma

A stretch of highway A12 linking Civitavecchia with Roma

If you don't want to take the highway it is possible to get to Rome from Civitavecchia by car driving along the State Highway Aurelia. You won't have to pay in the toll booths but you will spend more time overall, about 1 hour and 40 minutes.

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