The service consists on the assistance, previous specific authorization issued by the Port Captaincy and contact via phone with Port Mobility, to cargoes and exceptional transports inside the Port. The service is offered overnight by Port Mobility staff that takes care of the reception of cargoes and exceptional transports, preparing in concert with the Port Captaincy the transit route within the port.

The activities carried out are:

  • reception
  • checking and selection of routes 
  • technical assistance
  • employment of one or more specialised workers to use the forklift for possible relocation of concrete blocks

Useful information

To book an exceptional transport:
fax: +39 0766 366565


How to get to the Port of Civitavecchia
Map of the Port of Civitavecchia


Service is guaranteed 24 hours.


Fares for the assistance service vary from 100 to 200 euros respectively depending on the use of the forklift.

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