If you are for the first time coming closer to the magical world of cruises and you are one step away from buying your first floating holidays, curious as well as anxious, it could be useful to know beforehand the 5 most common myths about cruises!

Be sure that, of course, that friends and family will have something to suggest that you can just not do without out, or will have to warn you about something: fortunately, most of these doubts and fears are completely unfounded!

1. Cruises are boring

Some of the most common clichés about cruises is this one!

Maybe (and we highlight maybe) it can be boring for your couple of friends who last summer went on holidays to the Alps to hike the Mont Blanc, or for your school classmate who is now into parachuting. But unless you are bringing your own problems from home (and in that case, maybe it's better you stay home) we can guarantee categorically that getting bored in a cruise is almost impossible.

Before you leave, read carefully what every ship has to offer and make a choice based on your preferences and needs. Don't get captivated only by the price!

An overwhelming majority of ships have all sorts of entertainment from ice skating to basket, tennis or five-a-side football fields, from surf simulators to slides... you are spoilt for choice.

If you are not a sport person, don't worry, you won't lack alternatives on board to have fun. Many ships organize all kinds of courses, from astronomy to cuisine, and have reading rooms with well-equipped libraries, and also casinos, theaters, swimming pools, spas, shops and much more.

Anyway, the choice is up to your preferences; the important thing is to choose wisely a cruise according to your needs.

Even the most fearless will find ways to have fun on board!

Even the most fearless will find ways to have fun on board!

2. Cruises are for the elderly

On the contrary! The idea that on board it's all about playing bowls is clearly outdated. Today, a cruise holiday is able to please the whole family: from the youngest to the not so young.

Also, many ships offer packages aimed specially for young people.

From mini cruises of 3-4 days to longer itineraries, with discounts and stopping at the most popular ports among the new generations, in France and Spain.

The chances to have fun on board are many: multi-room clubs with different music styles, bars, buffet areas to satisfy the preferences of a wide public.

Cruises are a perfect holiday choice for the whole family

Cruises are a perfect holiday choice for the whole family

3. Cruises are too expensive

False, false and false! Maybe there was a time when going on a cruise holiday was so expensive that only the wealthy could afford them. But now, the market is increasingly growing and there are many more ships and, consequently, much more competition. Prices have gone down considerably and are consumed by all sectors.

Cruise holidays have experienced a sudden growth in bookings and it has been the only sector of the tourist market that has not been in economic crisis.

There are many ways to save money on your next cruise holiday: you can book in advance and travel in low season to halve the cost!

If you are however forced to travel in mid August, don't think that booking another kind of holiday you'll save much money: prices in high season are high no matter what kind of holiday you get set to buy... so no more excuses!

If you take into account everything that is included in the packages, you will agree that a cruise is certainly no more expensive than another holiday. Rather, consider all available options on board and decide whether it is worth for you to get a drinks package, according to your preferences.

This is not what we meant by saving money on your next cruise!

This is not what we meant by saving money on your next cruise!

4. You eat poorly on a Cruise 

This rather spread prejudice is based on the false believe that on board cruise ships fresh and genuine products are not served, so the quality of food is poor. Also, some objections are reaised regarding hygienic conditions and the way food is cleaned.

Truth is that, given the great amount of food that is cooked daily and the importance to avoid the risk of an intestine infection, kitchens on cruises are some of the places in the world were more attention is put to hygienic rules.

In fact, few know that kitchen pantries where food is kept, are supplied frequently, in some routes even in every stop. This way, food is always fresh.

Also, all cruise ships have their own desalination plants to remove salt and purify sea water, removing possible contamination and making it good for washing dishes and food, as well as other uses.

There is always a wide range of food choice and it is really difficult not to find something that you like: from Italian to Indian, Mexican, Japanese and so on. Restaurant menus are prepared by great international chefs and you will be able to eat all you want at any time!

p.s. if you put on weight, don't complain: you can also not exagerate with food on board!

A cruise holiday will satisfy every taste

A cruise holiday will satisfy every taste

5. You get seasick on a Cruise

Motion sickness, especially sea sickness, is beyond doubt the worst enemy of any cruiser! Luckily, there are plenty of remedies to avoid this problem.

Among the natural remedieslavander and sandalwood are recommended, since their perfume helps relax your nerves and decontract your stomach. Basil oil and essential ginger oil are very effective too, you can find the last also in pills.

Among the homeopathic remedies, Bach flowers will help reduce dizziness, but also Occulus, Petroleum and Tabacum capsules taken long after or before food will help.

In addition there are some special bracelets that press, similar to acupuncture, and prevent nausea and vomit.

Recently, there has been a new invention: special glasses Boarding Ring, formed by four ring nuts half filled with a coloured liquid, two on the front and two on the sides. The blue fluid of the glasses represent and artificial horizon that levels visual perception with the movement of the auricular liquid, avoinding nausea, faintness and sickness.

Obviously, if all this is not enough, after consulting your doctor, you could take some specific medicine with an anthistaminic, anticholinergic or calming action. There are also sticking plasters and chewing gum that can relieve the illness caused by the journey.

Finally, for the most sensitive, we recomment to choose a big ship (the bigger the better) and a room with window or balcony at the center of the ship or, preferably, at the lowest decks; this will make you feel less the rolling of the ship and you will always have fresh air available!

Special glasses Boarding Ring are the latest idea against sea sickness

Special glasses Boarding Ring are the latest idea against sea sickness

And you, what have you been told? Write your experience, your doubts or fears: each cruise ships has its pros and cons, but the important thing is to make a choice based on your needs, and you won't regret it!

Well, now that we have dispelled these 5 myths about cruise ships, you are ready to sail and enjoy your holidays!

Enjoy your cruise, everybody!

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