On Saturday 21st October 2017, in occasion of the visit of Minister of Education Valeria Fedeli to Gaeta to introduce the project “Local workshops for employability – Training School “Signora del Vento”, President Francesco Maria di Majo reiterated the full collaboration of the Port System Authority of the Center-North Thyrrenian Sea, to the initiatives aimed to support the activities of “G. Caboto” Nautical School in Gaeta, (a school that is 160 years old), like the activities that will be held at the training ship "Signora del Vento", the only civil training ship in Europe, donated recently to the Nautical School and for which the AdSP has already conceded a preferential docking at dock Cabotto.

Training Ship

Training Ship "Signora del Vento", only civil training ship in Europe - Photo by Fabrizio Rocchetti

The support of AdSP to this kind of initiatives – declared president di Majois part of a series of actions to support the training that this Institution is carrying, like the participation to the training course of the European School Short Sea Shipping within the project “Most Italy 2017”.


During the morning the number one of Pier Vespucci also participated in the Conference on the Economy of the Sea, organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Latina, foretelling the development plans of the AdSP related to the port of Gaeta. “By positioning the buoys that indicate the access to the port and Gaeta Harbour Master Andrea Vaiardi issuing the relative order - precised president di Majo - the last action as part of the important intervention to deepen the bottom of the harbour of Gaeta from -7 meters to -11.5 meters has been concluded. This intervention will allow to dock in pier Cicconardi and pier Salvo D’acquisto, to most trade ships in circulation, even fuly charged, increasing considerably the competitivity of the port, as port operators have been requesting for years”.


Like a postcard: suggestive night views of the port of Gaeta

Like a postcard: suggestive night views of the port of Gaeta


Di Majo announced - for the next 3 years (which coincide with the duration of the Temporary Operational Plan currently in the approval phase) - the intention is to give a positive boost to the revival of shipbuilding in Gaeta, especially starting the recovery and retraining plan (Frattasi Plan) of the areas of the shipbuilding sector. For the President of Pier Vespucci "the development of the shipbuilding industry will provide further support to the achievement of another important objective for the next 3 years, i.e. that of the growth of recreational boating".

The AdSP will, moreover, seriously consider the proposal of the Harbor of Gaeta to realize, for security purposes, that is, to protect the promenade by sea storms, a new quay that extends from the current quay Caboto up to the church of the Annunziata, for a total length of about 350 meters and with a maximum width of about 60 meters.


The AdSP will consider the intervention an the use of that quay to dock maxi yachts, as well as small and medium cruise ships with the aim to boost cruise traffic in Gaeta and, especially, cruises of small and medium dimensions.

Francesco Maria di Majo

Francesco Maria di Majo, President of the Port System Authority of the Center-North Thyrrenian Sea

Francesco Maria di Majo, President of the Port System Authority of the Center-North Thyrrenian Sea


This is also one of the objectives to achieve within the next three years concludes di Majo as well as, obviously, the current works aimed to complete the Port Regulation Plan”.

Works that have guaranteed the operativity of about 1,000 meters of quay, and one finished, the port of Gaeta will have 120,000 square meters of aprons with the right system to gather and treat rain water.

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