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Gaeta 9th May 2018. Meeting to relaunch the yachting industry and to enhance the city waterfont. This morning the Mayor of Gaeta Cosmo Mitrano welcomed in his office President of the AdSP of the North-Center Thyrrenean Sea Francesco Di MajoPresident of the Industrial Consortium of Sud Pontino Salvatore Forte and Secretary General of FeNEALUIL Salvatore Pastore.

A meeting born from the willing to launch initiatives and actions aimed to promote and enhance the nautical industry that is an important asset for Gaeta and for the social and economical development of the city.

Gaeta 9th May 2018. Meeting to enhance the city waterfont

Gaeta 9th May 2018. Meeting to enhance the city waterfont

"The shipbuilding and yachting industry - comments Mayor Mitrano - are an important resource of our territory that require attention and concrete answers".

"Our Administration - he continues - believes that debate is crucial in order to allow a coordinated and balanced boost of the industry". "The presence around this table of port authorities proves once again a great awareness and attention for our territory by the industrial consortium and by trade unions. I thank them for accepting my invitation and for showing a collective interest in boosting a healthy economical and productive industry that wants to get out of a stand-by situation".

The shipbuilding industry in Gaeta boasts a centuries-old tradition that highlights the specific skills of the craftsmen in building boats. Yacht shipbuilding, specialized in the production of boats of medium-large size, has achieved in recent years a leading position at national level.

"I would like to thank Mayor Mitrano - commented at the end of the meeting President Di Majo - for this important moment of institutional debate during which I reiterated my personal desire to start all those actions and projects aimed at the retraining of shipbuilding and of the city waterfront for a concrete revival of the economy of the sea".

Some of the innovations that have emerged in the course of the meeting and exposed by President Di Majo are for instance the activation also in Gaeta and neighboring areas of a simplified logistic area. The development of the sector is generating the birth of new tertiary industries connected to shipbuilding and it looks like it will be possible to activate integrated projects for economic growth based on the exploitation of environmental resources, entrepreneurial and professional.

Gaeta 9th May 2018. Meeting to enhance yachting and shipbuilding

Gaeta 9th May 2018. Meeting to enhance yachting and shipbuilding

Trade union FeNEAL UIL Latina represented at the meeting by Secretary General Salvatore Pastore and by Secretaries Purificato and Lattanzi highlighted "the duty to follow up a new design for the development of the east waterfront where many businesses that excell in yachting and ship industry compete at national level".

We have lit a flame of hope that is to be fed through initiatives aimed to restore criteria of employment and workforce of a sector that if it is not protected and enhanced may disappear with serious consequences for the local economy".

"I express my personal gratitude - concludes the Secretary General - to Mayor Mitrano for having been always an authority and institutional reference with which we have had over the years and we will always mantain loyal and constructive communication. I would also like to thank President Di Majo for his willingness to take concrete solutions to ensure a high level of employment".

The meeting has also served to take stock of the existing critical findings and evaluate the interventions to be implemented.

"Today has been an important day - specifies President Forte - where emerges the desire to keep working with the maximum commitment for the territory in a concrete optical enhancement of the shipyard industry". "It is important to be a team" adds Forte, who expresses his praise for the initiative promoted by the Mayor of Gaeta Cosmo Mitrano".

At the table of consultation took part the delegate to Port study and development policy Louis Siniscalco "a positive meeting that arises from the desire to follow up on the commitments aimed to give concrete prospects to the revival of the boating and yachting industry through reorganizing the waterfront".

Press Secretary

Andrea Brengola

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