Press Release 3rd October 2017

Clarification by Port MobilityS.P.A. as regards the complaint by mayor of Civitavecchia Antonio Cozzolino regarding the "illegal use of buses by Port Mobility"

With reference to the complaint of Antonio Cozzolino as regards the sale of tourist packages on board shuttle buses provided by Port Mobility, it would be helpful to clarify that:

- The control of the activities that take place on board the bus is not within the competence of Port Mobility; Port Mobility's competence is limited, in fact, to provide the means to Rome Cruise Terminal which is the applicant of shuttle and accountable for the organization of transfers of passengers, from the cruise ships to Largo della Pace;

- The buses that go through the areas granted to the company Rome Cruise Terminal pass through the security checks of said company; 

- With a note dated 12th July addressed to Rome Cruise Terminal in the person of Director Portelli, Port Mobility pointed out this fact and did not receive any response.

By adhering to the invitation of the Mayor, Port Mobility renews the full collaboration for as far as it is concerned, to all institutions to monitor that this does not happen inside their areas, stressing, however, that such illegal activities can be carried out only in departure of the aircraft and therefore not in areas in which the staff of Port Mobility operates.

Edgardo Azzopardi

Special Delegate for Institutional Relations of Port Mobility

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