The ASD CPC 2005 of Civitavecchia, recently promoted to the Eccellenza category for next season 2016/2017 of the Regional Championship. This year, the name of Port Mobility will be on the back of the shirt. A sponsorship that acknowledges the worth of this team. After only 7 years playing amateur football, it reaches an extraordinary result for the city of Civitavecchia, that this year will boast of having a proper derby.  

Edgardo Azzopardi with Port Mobility sponsor of the CPC 2005 Civitavecchia

Edgardo Azzopardi with Port Mobility sponsor of the CPC 2005 Civitavecchia


We are happy in name of the whole Port Mobility to support this team, which was born thanks to the iniciative of some young workers at the Port of Civitavecchia and has become over the years an important entity in the city, which has to be taken as an example of diligence, tenacity and dedication”.

Edgardo Azzopardi, Port Mobility

We have made the most of this news to learn more about this football fairy tale interviewing Sergio Presutti, president of ASD CPC 2005.

Sergio, first of all, thanks for your availability. Well, then, tell us: how does it feel to be in Eccellenza?  

Our history as a club started with a gamble. Ten years ago, when the Port Company hired many young workers, we thought we could give vent to their strongest passion. That's how ASD CPC 2005 Civitavecchia was born. At the beginning, our ambitions were certainly not to reach Eccellenza. We didn't even think about it. We have always dealt with problems and obstacles with a positive attitude. We became Italian amateur champions, but the amateur category was too tight on us. Reaching the Eccellenza league is a dream come true. Our passion and determination have brought us to Eccellenza. Today I feel obliged to thank everybody who has been close to us since the beginning and thank also the Port Company that is a second home to us, as well as an important economic driver to Civitavecchia.

CPC 2005 Supporters at the Fattori Stadium in Civitavecchia

CPC 2005 Supporters at the Fattori Stadium in Civitavecchia

The Red Boys, CPC 2005 Supporters in Civitavecchia

The Red Boys, CPC 2005 Supporters in Civitavecchia

Where do you see the CPC in 5 years?

We have reached the maximum category for us and, at the moment, it is enough… but of course dreaming is free. We will do our best to stay in the category. Then we will see.

We allow ourselves to joke… From coach to president, will you soon be the mayor?

Nooo! (he laughs). Starting as a coach and then leaving that charge to become president helps understanding the importance pof this society. We are a large family. Just think of my son Patrizio is the General Director and at the same time he helps me with the first team, as well as with the young teams. It is a society with great values


Experiencing the society from the front line I see the glass as being half full. It might be easy to say now, but I have never doubted we would have reached the objective.

Sergio Presutti, CPC 2005 President

President Sergio Presutti during the celebration for the promotion of the CPC

President Sergio Presutti during the celebration for the promotion of the CPC

This year arrives the derby with the Civitavecchia, would you like to challenge them?

I'm sure somebody will want to start a fire and grow a rivalry that to me does not exist. Civitavecchia is the main team, we we dreaming of a derby at the Fattori Stadium, full of supporters but, due to the ruling administration, that dream will not come true. It's a pity, really. However, we will tackle this game just like the others, with the exact same grit.

And we have arrived at the question about the “Fattori problem”. You will play at  Allumiere…

We are angry, I won't deny that. We consider that we haven't had the right support from the administration. It's been months now that we are asking them to get things moving, precisely to avoid was is happening right now: both teams of Civitavecchia will play at Allumiere. In addition to the damage for the image of the city, we will have to deal with higher costs and lower earnings. We expect an inmediate answer from the City Hall (regarding the announced competition for the construction of the Fattori Stadium of Civitavecchia). We think they should announce the competition only for the construction of the field, if it regards the whole stadium, it will be very hard to find financiation and Fattori will be closed for a long time. 

Let's talk a little bit about the team. What will change in the next season playing in the Eccellenza category? Are there any ongoing talks to buy new players?

Il calciomercato lo considero chiuso per il momento. Siamo soddisfattissimi. Ci siamo  orientati verso gli under (obbligatori 4 under a partita) inserendo 7 innesti di sicuro valore. Si tratta di ragazzi promettenti ed un centroavanti di esperienza.

CPC and Port Mobility: new shirt

CPC and Port Mobility: new shirt

Thank you very much and best wishes to all the team! We expect a shirt signed by all  football players!

Thank you and Port Mobility for the sponsorship. The team will start working and sweating on July 25.

For further information refer to the CPC 2005 pages: website and Facebook page.


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