We have received and we share with your the Press Release of Assoporti:

Italian ports are fully operational by ensuring the security of people and goods.

Assoporti communicates that, in full respect of the measures adopted by the Government with the primary objective of protecting public health as a result of the health emergency, Italian ports are taking all the appropriate measures to ensure the maximum safety of port operations and freight traffic.

Italian ports are fully operational at the service of society and all offices, including control offices, ensure a regular activity of business.

The measures adopted by the Government do not in any way restrict the movement of goods in our country.

Without prejudice that remains the obligation of "free circulation of health care" by the Territorial Office of Maritime Health authorising the haven of ships entering the harbor, Italian Ports are ready to adopt any new measures which may be issued by the Civil Protection.

The Port of Civitavecchia

The Port of Civitavecchia

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