Botteghiamo is a project conceived and promoted by abc Project that has set the objective to tell and enhance the old crafts of Master Artisans, through the discovery of secrets and curiosities of historic craftship.

The Botteghiamo "philosophy" seems to remind us of the fact that the magic and fascinaton of every city, small town or neighborhood can be found not only in the art and history displayed in museums, but also, and especially, among alleys and small intimate squares, in the most working-class neighborhoods, in the faces of those who have been years working with love in artisan workshops continuing the tradition and excellence of Made in Italy.

Are you ready to start an incredible trip made out of anecdotes, tales and curious characters, to discover the historical workshops in the neighborhoods of the center and touch with your own hands the art made by artisans and their best kept secrets?

Botteghiamo will take you inside the Artisan Workshops

Botteghiamo will take you inside the Artisan Workshops


During the tour you will be accompanied by a dedicated guide (available in Italian and also in foreign languages and equipped with a microphone connected to earphones) along a route that passes through the neighborhoods of the historical center of Rome: Ponte, Parione, Regola, Borgo, Monti, Trastevere and Tridente.

Along the route, enriched with tales from the artisan tradition, curiosities about popular characters and drink and food tastings, you will have the chance to meet and admire the work of at least 3 or 4 artisan shops, entering in the Workshops to discover the secrets of their old crafts.

Restorers, goldsmiths, hatmakers, tailors, mosaicists, intarsia craftsmen, shoemakers, ceramists, luthiers, marble workers and much more…artisans that always continue the tradition of Made in Italy quality products will exclusively open their workshops to you thus transmitting their passion and mastery.

Some of the many Artisans participating in the project Botteghiamo

Some of the many Artisans participating in the project Botteghiamo


The characteristic and exclusive element of the Botteghiamo project is beyond doubt the map of the historical neighborhoods of Rome.

Totally handmade designed by Mario Camerini, with Indian ink and watercolours using the bird's-eye view technique, it shows the alleys and neighborhoods of the old city center, as well as historical and excellent artisan workshops, with the corresponding directions, highlighting the craft and the craftman with anecdotes and historical references.

It is no coincidence that, as an added value, all those participating in the tours will receive a free copy of the extraordinary map and guide of Botteghiamo.

Part of the map of Botteghiamo handmade designed - Ponte Neighbourhood

Part of the map of Botteghiamo handmade designed - Ponte Neighbourhood


Traditionally, the Botteghiamo tour starts at Piazza di Pasquino, with its famous "talking statue" representing Pasquino, an artisan from the neighborhood (maybe a barber or a shoemaker), known for a certain satirical streak. Actually, the "pasquinades" are quite famous, that is, some satirical billboards and manifestos that people used to attach to the neck of the statue during the night with the intention of critisizing famous personalities, often political or religious members.

Still today the "pasquinades" represent a way to complain, the speak out the people's dissatisfaction and they give voice to that group of society that is often disregarded. They are mostly artisans who, closed in their workshops, continue their art and old craft with passion, dedication and technique by now at the risk of disappearing chocked by multinational industries.

Luthier master Michel Eggimann working in his workshop - Picture by Federica Campanile

Luthier master Michel Eggimann working in his workshop - Picture by Federica Campanile


To book your tour start by filing in the inscription form on the official site of Botteghiamo.

Bear also in mind that every tour lasts in average between 2 and 4 hours and for organisational reasons groups can exceed 25 participants and there will be a maximum of 3 groups at a time.

Waht awaits you during the Botteghiamo tour?

  • 3 hours of guided visit available in Italian and foreign languages
  • Visit inside 3/4 workshops (depending on the time employed in each workshop)
  • A small tasting at every food artisan shop
  • The Botteghiamo kit formed by a map, a guide and a poster

On request you can attend different performances and shows, as well as participate in drink and food tastings and educational workshops addressed to adults and children. At the end of the workshop you will take home some authentic manufactured product made by you!

Well then, what are you waiting for? Book now your tour and enjoy!

The Botteghiamo logo says it all

The Botteghiamo logo says it all

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Botteghiamo: a project by abc Project
Landline phone: +39 06 68301041 | +39 06 68215599 (Mon-Fri 10 am-6 pm)
Fax: +39 06 23326846

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