On the Aventine Hill (Rione Ripa) is located the Savello Park, also known as Orange Garden.

A hidden and misterious place, especially unique! There, you can enjoy spectacular views of Rome, best at sunset.

It is almost eight thousand square meters, designed in 1932 by architect Raffaele De Vico, on the area that in the 10th century hosted the fortress of the Savelli family, from whom comes the name of the park.

Thanks to an important restyling project by Foundation Source Group, in collaboration with the Government Department responsible for Fine Arts and Landscape of Rome and local institutions, the Orange Garden shines now as bright as in the past.

The Orange Garden is close to other tourist attractions worth visiting like the Key Hole, through which you will get an incredible view of Cupolone della St Peter's Dome from a unique perspective!  

Other unmissable stops not far from there are: Circus Maximus, the oldest circus in the world, between the Aventine and Palatine hills, and the famous Mouth of Truth.

Orange Garden

Orange Garden


The main entrance to the Orange Garden is in Piazza Pietro d'Illiria, but it can be accessed as well from Clivio di Rocca Savella and via di S.Sabina.

The building with stones at the main entrance is the only construction of the Savelli family left standing. There is a fountain at the entrance, made of a Roman granite thermal bath, with a travertine border.

a  and originally carved to adorn a fountain

The bath was found at the Roman thermal baths and it was embellished by bass-relief grips and a monumental marble mask inside a Barroque big shell representing the God Oceanus.

Inside the Orange Garden

Inside the Orange Garden

Bitter orange trees in the Orange Garden

Bitter orange trees in the Orange Garden


The main avenue “Nino Manfredi”, named after the actor, divides the park in two. From the center of the avenue you will get a view of St Peter's Dome from a unique perspective!

You will also see some of the most beautiful places in Rome, like the river Tiber, the temples of the Forum Boarium, the Janiculum and the Tiberine Island.

Once you are inside the Orange Garden you can visit a central square devoted to actor Fiorenzi Fiorentini and the fountain designed by Giacomo della Porta.

Obviously, from every corner of the park you will see the scented bitter orange trees, from which the name comes.

An old legend has it that these oranges have even miraculous effects.

But beware: it is absolutely forbidden to collect the fruit!


The Orange Garden was once the vegetable garden of Dominican friars. In fact, the magical tree the legend speaks of is the tree planted in the garden of the cloister of the church of Santa Sabina, visibile only through an opening on the perimeter wall that protects the cloister. It is said that the tree was spontantaneously born from the remains of the first bitter orange plant brought from Spain in the year 1200, by San Domenico di Guzman, founder of the Dominican order.

Discover how and when to visit the Orange Garden at our useful information section below. Admission to the park is completely free! 

Magical Tree - Orange Garden (Roma) - by destinazioneterra.com

Magical Tree - Orange Garden (Roma) - by destinazioneterra.com

Useful information

The Orange Garden is at the highest peak of the Aventine Hill, close to the Key Hole and the villa of the, in the Circus Maximus area.


From the Port of Civitavecchia go to the train station and get on the first train going to Roma Termini.
Once at Termini take the B Line of the underground (right underneath the station) and get off at "Circo Massimo".
Go on foot (about 15 minutes) to the orange garden, which is about 1 km from the metro station.

From 7 to 18, October through February
from 7 to 20 March and September
from 7 to 21 April through August

Admission to the Orange Garden is free.

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