We receive and publish the following press realease by the Port System Authority of the North-Center Thyrrenean Sea:

Civitavecchia, 1st August 2018. The collaboration for the commercial development of the city and the territory related to cruise traffic continues. In fact, last Monday the drawing board gathered for the third time, requested by president of the Port System Authority of the North-Center Thyrrenean Sea, Francesco Maria di Majo, about the "Code of Good Practice for the tourist and commercial development of the city related to cruise traffic". 

Around the same table seated the Council of Civitavecchia, RCT, representatives of shipowners and traders, tour operators, guides  and tour escorts with the shared goal of improving and favoring the tourist offer of the city.

After stressing how the port of Civitavecchia is a reference point at European level in the cruise industry, the importance of creating a sinergy between institutions and operators has been underlined. The aim is to meet the needs of cruise passengers that stop at our port by improving services and offering tourists alternative activities, including culture, food, shops and art, enhancing the historic and artistic heritage in the port and in the city.

There's an interest by representatives of traders, who have stressed the need to improve services and offers to attract not only cruise passengers but also cruise crews, representing a significant proportion of the people who stop at our port.

Manager of the Department for Promotion, Press and Communication, Malcolm Morini, who chaired the Table, underlined the strong expansion of the cruise-related industry: "From now to 2025 well 110 ships will be built, which means that the market is increasingly growing. The Mediterranean market will surely be affected by the influence of the increasingly developing Asian market. That is why we need to be highly competitive, by further walking the path of efective cooperation that we have launched with institutions, first-class associations, tour operators and with all those interested in enhancing our territory".

Secretary General of AdSP, Roberta Macii, remarked on the matter, outside the meeting, that she is proud of the strong turnout at the Table si è detta soddisfatta per la nutrita partecipazione al Tavolo "Code of Good Practice for the tourist and commercial development of the city related to cruise traffic".

Department for Promotion, Press and Communication​
Port System Authority of the North-Center Thyrrenean Sea:
Ports of Rome and the Lazio

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