Next 8 December 2016, from 7 am will take place the 6th edition of the traditional Pier Fishing Trophy also known as TELETHON Christmas Trophy in the splendid setting of the Historic Port of Civitavecchia.

The event, promoted and organised by Club PescAgonismo of Civitavecchia, in collaboration with Telethon, BNL and Akita Fishing (Palermo), will count with nearly 60 athlets from Rome, Marche and Tuscany.

"We have reahced the sixth edition of this fundraising event born by chance from a chat I had with the athletes and Anna Battaglini (Responsible for North Rome TELETHON) who bet for this event and with a lot of sacrifice and passion have made it possible for this event to become a fixed appointment really appreciated and unmissable for Pier Fishing fans"

Marco Ravicini, organiser.

The Club PescAgonismo of Civitavecchia, strong with a yearly consolidated experience will take care of the coordination of all participants at the event, regarding the competition and the final refreshments, contribution by different local businesses.

Like every year, Telethon staff will oversee the event with the aim to raise funds for the research of genetic diseases.

Telethon Christmas Trophy 2016 Poster

Telethon Christmas Trophy 2016 Poster

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