We pubblish the welcome and good wishes for a good work letter by Edgardo Azzopardi, Institutional Relations Special Counselor of Port Mobility, in the name and on behalf of the Company.

We add to the good wishes. Best of luck!

Dear Doctor Macii,

In the name and on behalf of the board and staff of Port Mobility S.p.A. with the present letter, as well as congratulate you for the prestigious charge you have been appointed to by the Port Comitee, proposed by President Francesco Maria Di Majo, we let you know that we are at your disposal for a meeting to show you the activities of our society in the port area of interest. 

Confirming the effective collaboration of Port Mobility, we welcome the opportunity to wish you the best in your new role. 

Edgardo Azzopardi
Institutional Relations Special Counselor)

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