Some days ago the Cultural Association - La Civetta di Civitavecchia, started a collection of signatures through the National Census "I Luoghi del Cuore" (Places of the Heart).

What is it about? Well, this interesting iniciative, promoted by the FAI (Fondo Ambiente Italiano, National Trust of Italy) together with Intesa San Paolo, has reached the 8th edition. It was born with the aim of involving citizens by asking them which hidden treasures that they love and that need to be safeguarded.

FAI - Luoghi del cuore

FAI - Luoghi del cuore

Churches, archeological sites, monuments, parks and much more: these are the places of the heart that citizens can highlight and that might receive funding for a restoration, modification or promotion intervention. What to do? Just go to the FAI site, register for free, add a place and start the collection of signatures.

The 3 most voted places will receive funding, but there are other special awards and online vote. For further details, read the rules on the official site (Italian).

In 2015, the Fort St. Peter at Molo del Lazzaretto, obtained 8113 votes thanks to a petition started by la Civetta di Civitavecchia and it almost got the funding.

This year is time for Chapel San Michele in the interior of the Church of the Prayer and Death, the oldest church in Civitavecchia placed in the old town, a stone's throw away from the Port of Civitavecchia.

To learn more, we have interview the editorial staff of La Civetta di Civitavecchia, who have granted their time and have told us how this iniciative was born.

Port Mobility interviews La Civetta

First of all, thanks for your availability and congratulations for this wonderful iniciative!

Your cultural association is not new in this kind of initiative. Last year it was the time for Fort Saint Peter at Molo del Lazzaretto, this year is Chapel San Michele inside the Church of Death. How did the choice take place?

Chapel San Michele in the Church of Death - Civitavecchia

Chapel San Michele in the Church of Death - Civitavecchia

Civetta: In the year of the Jubilee of Mercy, called by Pope Francis, our idea was to look onto Cult Places in the city. The Church we are talking about was initially built in the 17th century and its history is closely related to the Confraternity of Saint Mary of the Prayer and Death in Civitavecchia. The religious building, formerly "Rotonda del Suffragio" is known by the locals as Church of the Death. Our Association has become involved to the safeguard of the precious Chapel that is, in addition, part of the oldest sacred building in our city.

Well, tell us a bit more about the Chapel of San Michele. Which works does it house?

Civetta: It was the ancient oratory of the Confraternity of Saint Mary of the Prayer and Death, also known as the Chapel of San Michele, which is named after the "Prince of the Angels", protector of the Confraternity. It is the Archangel who comforts, helps and protects the souls of the deceased. In the interior of the chapel are noteworthy elements, like the Breve of Pius VI on August 19, 1775 (granting the privilege to the Confraternity to free every year a criminal condemned to life inprisonment for any crime except homicide and theft); the altar with the Wood Statue of the Archangel (19th century), located inside a niche, and a high medallion with the Virgin and Child, atributed to artist Giuseppe Errante.

Let's talk now about the collection of signatures. Where and when can people sign? Online votes are added up to votes in person?

Civetta: The collection of signatures continues until 30 November. It is possible to sign at stalls built for the purpose. We will be all the evenings until the end of August at Viale Garibaldi (sea side), then we will involve educational institutions and other associations and local organizations.

Periodically the signatures must be sent to the FAI for counting. And these signatures will be added to those online.

Please remember that it is possible to vote online by clicking here!

If the Chapel of San Michele wins, what kind of restoration intervention will be done?

Civetta: In case we win, we will meet with the owners of the chapel, as well as with the Confraternity to value together the kind of necessary intervention. Follow closely the developments ans news on our newspaper site:

Thank you for your time and good luck with the collection of signatures!

7° Census of Luoghi del Cuore

7° Census of Luoghi del Cuore

Now you only need to go and sign! If you can't do it in person, we remind you that you can just go to the FAI site and vote online:


p.s. if you want to be updated on initiatives of La Civetta di Civitavecchia you can subscribe to their Facebook group.

Useful information

Church of the Prayer and Death


The Church of the Prayer and Death is located in the old city of Civitavecchia and it can be easily reached by foot. If you are close to the Info Point of Largo della Pace you only have to go south in Via XVI Settembre, cross Piazza Luigi Calamatta and turn in Via Colle dell'Olivo to find yourselves in front of the Church.


Free admission.

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