The Ship of Books to Barcelona arrives at the 11th edition. The ship will sail on the 21st Aprile 2020 from the port of Civitavecchia, calling at Porto Torres. The ship will arrive at the Catalan capital city on the 23rd April, Saint George's Day, and World Book Day.

This day is the anniversary of the death of writers Miguel de Cervantes and William Shakespeare.

The Ship of Books for Barcelona: The event

The event will be held from 21 to 25 April 2020, organised by the monthly magazine “Leggere:tutti”, in collaboration with Grimaldi Lines and with the patronage of the Italian Institute of Culture of Barcelona.

The ship of books for Barcelona will be the Cruise Rome of Grimaldi Lines and it will route to the port of Barcelona with a series of new and interesting proposals during the journey and after arrival. In fact, there is a rich program of entertainment: reading, theater, film screenings, debates and much more.

The ship of books for Barcelona will arrive on the evening of 22 April and all its passengers will be able to take part in a festival organized around roses and books, with the extraordinary participation of poets and writers. Tradition has it that on this day men presents a rose to women and are contraccambiati with a book.

In addition to the opportunity to visit the city, there are some activities organised, such as the Literary Barcelona Tour and many events at the Italian Institute of Culture of Barcelona.

But let's discover the program of the great event...

Poster of the 11th Edition

Poster of the 11th Edition

Cruise Rome protagonist of the event

Cruise Rome protagonist of the event

The ship of Books for Barcelona: The Program

The program is being defined, but there are already some advances. First of all, there will be some comebacks to the Ship:

  • Carabinieri General Roberto Riccardi, writer of yellow success that will present the essay Detective dell’arte in which he tells the stories of some roberies of works of art and the inquiries for their recovery;
  • Journalist Gaetano Savatteri, with the preview of his new book;
  • Vittorio Russo, capitano di lungo corso della Nave, che parlerà di viaggi del tempo e della memoria attraverso il suo personale Uzbekistan;
  • Vittorio Russo, Captain of the ship for a long time, who will speak of time travels and memories through his own trip to Uzbekistan;
  • Donald Sassoon, British historian, writer, essayist and professor emeritus of Compared European History at Queen Mary University of London, will premiere his latest book The Anxious Triumph: a Global History of Capitalism, 1860-1914 already published in 2019 in English and soon available in Italian.

Among the new participants in this adventure there will be:

  • Oscar Di Montigny, manager, popularizer and communications expert, who will premiere his new opera about gratitude;
  • Eugenia Romanelli with the book Il corpo della terra. La relazione negata, edited together to Giusy Mantione;
  • writer and musician Peppe Millanta with La rotta delle Nuvole, a decidedly evocative book about the journey.

Not only books but also space to music and cinema with the songwriter Grazia Di Michele, who will speak of the autobiographical book Apollonia, and Carlotta Rondana, an interpreter of the last film by Ferzan Özpetek The Goddess Fortune. The actress will present his book Molo 23 and comment on some of the scenes of the film.

Another important presence among the protagonists of the Ship of Books, is writer, songwriter, actor and director David Riondino with his book Sussidiario, which represents very well the eclectic nature of the author.

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