We receive and publish this letter from many Port Mobility employees, as a reply to what was published on the Etruria News blog on August 9, 2016.

We have known thanks to the some social networks that some Paolo Gianlorenzo has published a long, slanderous and of poor taste dissertation, regarding the owners of Port Mobility, of some managers and employees.

We strongly reject this despicable attempt to undermine our reputation and our employment stability, as well as the sender, the instigators who have paid him and anyone who, with their shares and likes, hope to bend our reputation and our families'.

We are honest workers, we work day and night, under burning sun and heavy rain, we are on the streets or at the stands working with commitment and pride.

We can't take the offenses to so many decent young girls or to our managers who every day and many nights work with us and help us when the workload is so heavy we can't even stop and smoke a cigarette.

Gianlorenzo depicts Port Mobility as a company where a couple of guys who raise and low the barrier to allow cars to pass. If he came to the port 365 days a year to see the wor we are doing, how much we sweat, a job we are proud of, a job that allows us to provide for our families worthily and honestly and that we are paid for punctually and accurately.

We don't know and we don't want to know the reason for these attacks against Port Mobility and against all of us, but pay attention Gianlorenzo, we are ready to defend tooth and nail our jobs, our reputation, our families' and our employers'.


Port Mobility employees

Civitavecchia, 08/11/2016

We have transcribed our colleagues' letter to make it easier for you to read, however, we attach the original letter on the link below:


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