On Tuesday 12th february the new Civitavecchia Express, non-stop train for cruise travellers connecting the Port of Civitavecchia with Roma San Pietro and Roma Ostiense stations, was officially presented.

Presentation of Civitavecchia Express, new train for cruise travellers

Presentation of Civitavecchia Express, new train for cruise travellers

Strongly endorsed by the Regione Lazio and implemented by Trenitalia, the new connection was presented at the train station of Civitavecchia by Maria Giaconia, Director of the Regional Passenger Department of Trenitalia together with aldermans for Public Works and Tourism Mauro Alessandri and Lorenza Bonaccorsi and Mayor of Civitavecchia Antonio Cozzolino.

Let's see further details about the new train.

Civitavecchia Express: journey times and timetables

The new service will run as a pilot project from the 1st April until the 14th December 2019, with 4 daily journeys: 2 in the morning directed to Rome and 2 in the afternoon directed to Civitavecchia.

A service thought to satisfy the needs of many cruise travellers who wish to visit the Capital in one day, with timetables fit for their holidays according to the arrival and departure of cruise ships.

Journey times will be cut by 10/15 minutes allowing to get to Roma San Pietro in 35/40 minutes (instead of the current 50/55 minutes) and Roma Ostiense in 55 minutes (instead of the current 60/70 minutes).

Here's a recap of the Civitavecchia Express timetable:

Run Frequency Civitavecchia Roma S. Pietro Roma Ostiense
First run working days 9:35 10:10/15 10.27
holidays 8:30 9:08/13 9:25
Second run daily 10:15 11:03/07 11:20
Run Frequency Roma Ostiense Roma S. Pietro Civitavecchia
First run daily 15:37 15:47/52 16:30
Second run daily 16:30 16:38/43 17:20
Roma S. Pietro Station

Roma S. Pietro Station

Civitavecchia Express: ticket prices

  • One way: €10
  • Return: €15
  • Kids aged 0-4: free
  • Kids up to 12 yo: free when travelling with 1 adult

Animal transport will be allowed and big luggage may travel with no extra charge.

Note: the ticket does not include travel by subway, bus, trolleybus or tram in Rome.


Civitavecchia Express: guaranteed seating

Another important news is that seating will be guaranteed: only 720 biglietti will be sold per journey, the same number of seating availabel in the train, so every passenger will have a seat to trave comfortably.

Civitavecchia Train Station

Civitavecchia Train Station

Civitavecchia Express: where to buy your tickets

At the station of Civitavecchia, in addition to the traditional ticket office, there are 6 self-service ticket machines and two more POS machines will be installed in the port.

Also, Trenitalia will install some information points for cruise travellers both at the port and at the train stations of Civitavecchia and Roma San Pietro.


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