Important news in view from Wednesday 21 February for all passengers of the Port of Civitavecchia. Because of the work of reorganization and retraining of the Service Center Largo della Pace, the System Authority, in collaboration with all port actors involved (City Town, Harbor Office, Border Police, Police Station, Customs and Port Mobility), has prepared the method of intervention called "Service Center and mobility in the area of Largo della Pace - Intermediate phase". 

This is a temporary relocation of the exchange node of "Largo della Pace", which functions as service center and tourist information will be carried out, for about 30 days and in any case until the end of the work, in two different areas of the port allowing in this way the continuity of the service.

In the map below are highlighted the two stops (Bramante and Vespucci) and the alternative pedestrian paths to visit the Center of Civitavecchia (in red) and go to the Train Station (in orange).

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The adopted solution is the division of tourist flows (especially cruise passengers) with two new temporary stops:

  • BRAMANTE: a pedestrian stop to get to the train station o the city center through Varco Fortezza;
  • VESPUCCI: for passengers - who are in possess of a tourist pack - by the area of the information point - Control Room of Varco Vespucci.


By the exchange area between Fort Michelangelo and Piazza della Vita.

This stop is meant for cruise passengers who want to visit the city or arrive faster at the train station

It will be assisted by Port Mobility staff in order to guarantee an efficient system of information to passengers.

By getting off at this stop both the city center (5 minutes) and the train station of Civitavecchia (15 minutes) can be reached on foot.

Cruise passengers embarking at docks 10 to 13 should go toward the gate area in correspondence of the already existing stop on the side of dock 8. Here a tent structure has been installed for passengers waiting (those coming on foot from the city) the shuttle bus that will take them to the cruise docks.


All passengers who have a tourist pack or will move around with private or public means, it is advisable to get off at the temporary stop placed next to the Information point at Varco Vespucci.

The most delicate works will happen here, with the widening of the so-called lung that will allow the "creation of an area of about 540 sqm where passengers will crowd round under a tensile structure and with public WC; with 2 aisles (an expressway and an area for embarking/disembarking passengers); with 4 parking spaces for buses waiting for passengers (including hire with driver services, tour operators, etc.) and with a TPL (CSP) bus stop".

Please note: getting off at Varco Vespucci is only allowed in order to get on another transportation mean and it is forbidden to exit the area on foot unless there's an exceptional need.


Thanks to the authorization by the Customs, it will be exceptionally allowed to open the gates that separate the port area (Fort Michelangelo) and the city (Piazza della Vita). This means that passengers getting off at “Bramante” stop will be able to access the city directly to Piazza della Vita.

Works will start on Wednesday February, 21 and they are scheduled to end in 30 days.
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