As promised, - READ HERE: FRAMMENTI 2016, FUNDRAISING PASSION - the NGO As.S.proHa donates half of the takings of Frammenti to the towns affected by the recent earthquake Central Italy. We report the press release of the Association:

Civitavecchia, 28th September 2016

Mariarita Colucci and Mirella Gelardi, president and vicepresident respectively of the NGO (which works as a daily center for disabled people), announced that they have accomplished what they said in the 17th Edition of the culture, fashion and solidarity event Frammenti last 7th September. The users, volunteers and workers decided to share with the towns that where terribly affected by the earthquake more than half of the takings collected in charity at the event. This year's takings at “Frammenti” were up to €2,550 so €1,300 were transfered to the bank account created by the Foundation Ca.Ri.Civ. to support and build something useful for the community, in collaboration with the City of Amatrice.

As representants of had already mentioned, the activity that they do is encouraged, even if with a lot of difficulties regarding the funds, from the heart. They have many activities for more than thirty users that are nearly 40 years old. These people are constantly at risk, since there are not enough funds to do what should be a public service but is instead exclusively an act of love and good will by workers and volunteers, who manage to make such a qualified NGO work.

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