We receive and pubblish. Civitavecchia, 24th June 2017 - Last Thursday the Body for the Partnership of Sea Resources of the Port System Authority of the Center-North Thyrrenian Sea (AdSP) was installed at Molo Vespucci, under the provisions of the Reform of the Law of Port Authorities promulgated last August and presided by president of AdSP Francesco Maria di Majo.

The body has advisory functions and it is formed by a representative of each of the categories of shipowners, industrialists, operators included in articles 16 and 18, couriers, intermodal logistic operators, rail operators, agents and seamen, truck drivers, workers of companies and a representative of tourist operators and businesses operating in the port area designated by their own category national organizations, by union organizations and by the Central Comittee of the Truck Drivers Register.

"I'm happy about the active involvement by the members of the newly established Body for the Partnership of Sea Resources.

The most relevant topics addressed relate to the growth of the competitivity of the commercial port through the port infrastructural development - including road and rail accesses - , the efficiency of customs controls and services of general interest and finally through interventions aimed to make the port become more beneficial (acting on the rights and port taxes) respecting the principle of finantial transparency as imposed by the new EU regulation 352/2017".

Francesco Maria di Majo, president of AdSP.

Francesco Maria di Majo - President AdSP

Francesco Maria di Majo - President AdSP

The Body for the Partnership will be in charge for 4 years and it will be formed by President of AdSP of the Center-North Thyrrenian Sea, Francesco Maria di Majo; by Commander in Chief of the Port of Civitavecchia, C.A. (CP) Giuseppe Tarzia; by Commander in Chief of the Port of Fiumicino, C.V. (CP) Fabrizio Ratto Vaquer; by Commander in Chief of the Port of Gaeta, C.F. (CP), Andrea Vaiardi.

Representing Shipowners, Domenico Ferraiuolo (Confitarma); Industrialists, Stefano Cenci (Unindustria); representing operators included in articles 16 and 18, Franco Ronzi (Assiterminal), couriers, Valter Vomiero (Fedespedi) and Gianfranco Monti (Anasped); intermodal logistic operators, Riccardo Sciolti (Assologistica) and Guido Gazzola (Assofer); rail operators, Giuseppe Tolomeo (Agens) and Giacomo Di Patrizi (Fercargo); agents and seamen, David La Rosa; truck drivers, Patrizio Loffarelli; workers of companies, Alessandro Borgioni, Annita Fantozzi and Gennaro Gallo; tourist operators and businesses John Portelli.

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