20th March 2020 - We have received and published the letter that today Daniele Rossi, president of Assoporti, Association of Italian Ports has sent to all European and International Assotiations to explain and confirm the functioning of Italian Ports during the COVID-19 Emergency.

Find below the original letter writtten in English.

With this letter, we wish to underline that Italian Ports are fully operational and that they ensure the safety of cargo and crew members.

All restrictions enforced by the Italian Government are referred only to the Cruise sector.

In complete compliance with the measures adopted by the Italian Government, having the primary objective of protecting public health due to the current medical emergency, the Italian Port Association wishes to clarify that operations in ports are carried out with adequate measures.

Ports are, therefore, fully operational with all their regular services guaranteeing complete functionality of all those offices dedicated to control and verification (i.e. Port Authority, Customs, Harbour Master, Health department offices and so on.)

The measures adopted by the Government in no way restrict the transport of cargo in the country.

The precautionary obligation of the so-called "Free Sanitary Practice" issued by the Local Office of Maritime Health remains in force. This document authorizes ships to berth, and all Italian ports are equipped and ready to apply any new measures deemed necessary by the Italian Office of Civil Defence, without compromising cargo operations.

Yours Sincerely, 


The President, Daniele Rossi

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