We are glad to announce the opening of the 6^ edition of Postcards from Civitavecchia.

After the success of the last edition – which ended with the award ceremony and the exhibition in the foyer of the Traiano Theater – we get ready for a new challenge!

It certainly will be a very different edition . The times we are living in require a reflection on our habits, on our lifestyle and, last but not least, on the environment.

Also for this reason, we want to promote our territory through the contest theme. And we want to do it in order to raise awareness and to enhance the importance of beauty and nature in our lives.

Postcard from Civitavecchia 2021 - 6^ edition | Port Mobility

Postcard from Civitavecchia 2021 - 6^ edition | Port Mobility

Postcards from Civitavecchia 2021: the City and its Nature 

The theme of this special edition is "the City and its Nature".


“My soul can find no staircase to Heaven unless it be through Earth's loveliness.”

Michelangelo Buonarroti.

With the words of the great Italian artist who also gives the name to the symbol of our port city...Let's open the new challenge! 

Our territory is located between the sea and the hills. So you can discover and explore natural beauties, breathtaking views and beautiful landscapes.

We invite all participants to show, in one or more photos, the greenest face of Civitavecchia, the places that represent the natural beauties of our territory

The challenge is open: Postcards from Civitavecchia 2021 is waiting for you!

Postcards from Civitavecchia 2021: the City and its Nature

Postcards from Civitavecchia 2021: the City and its Nature


The contest will start on 9th October 2020 and finish on 22th November. So you have about two months to send us one or more photos: via email to redazioneweb@portmobility.it; or through FacebookInstagram (post your pictures using the hashtag #cartolinedacivitavecchia)

As for the past editions, only 12 pictures will be selected for the new calendar 2021, but all of them will be published on this webpage and on our social networks.

For further details, please download and read carefully the guidelines.


Postcards from Civitavecchia 2021: the Calendar

This year too, 12 pictures will be chosen for the new Calendar 2021.

The calendar, produced by Port Mobility, will be offered to the selected authors and to local institutions.

All pictures will be posted on our Facebook photo album and on our website, that get around  100,000 visitors a month.


Each of the 12 photographers selected for the Calendar will receive a branded eco-gadget and 3 free copies of the calendar (both in its wall version and table version).

Postcards from Civitavecchia 2021: sixth edition

Postcards from Civitavecchia 2021: sixth edition

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