Civitavecchia is set of many television programmes! Yesterday, at the prestigious Historic Port some scenes of the TV programme “From Xi’an to Rome” were recorded and they will be broadcast in a few months on CCTV4 (in Italia it will be on chanel 580 on Sky).

Here's the AdSP press release.

Delegation of CCTV, Chinese TV, at the historic port of Civitavecchia for the shooting of “From Xi’an to Rome” (left to right: Captain Vincenzo Leone and Manger of the AdSP Malcom Morini)

Delegation of CCTV, Chinese TV, at the historic port of Civitavecchia for the shooting of “From Xi’an to Rome” (left to right: Captain Vincenzo Leone and Manger of the AdSP Malcom Morini)

Civitavecchia, 2nd August 2018 – Yesterday morning, in the historic port of Civitavecchia, under the coordination of the President of the Port System Authority of the Center-North Tyrrhenian Sea, Francesco Maria Di Majo, the AdSP welcomed a Chinese delegation that is in Italy to follow a project of the Chinese TV CCTV, "From Xi'an to Rome" which has received the support of the Foundation Italia China.

The project, written and directed by directors Paolo Carrino and Weidong Zhao, and promoted directly from CCTV, provides a cycle of 100 episodes dedicated to Rome and the Silk Road focused on the great cultural and archaeological heritage and it highlights the relationship between the Roman Empire and the China of Qin Shihuang, when Xian and Rome were the centers of the known universe. The episode shooted yesterday showed Civitavecchia as an integral part of the Silk Road and how it strikes for being it even today.

The Italian episodes will be filmed mainly in Rome and in some areas related to the Roman Empire, such as Civitavecchia and Pompeii, while another part of the shooting will be done in Xian

Many topics are shown: the social, political and economic life of the Roman Empire, the history of modern Rome, to the present time; Rome and Xian, twin cities, capitals of great empires. Regarding Civitavecchia, the interest is focused on the importance of the port inside the ancient Silk Road, on international trade and on the cruise sector.

In front of the frame of Fort Michelangelo, Commander of the Maritime Directorate of Lazio, Vincenzo Leone, has shown briefly the evolution of the port of Civitavecchia from its origins up to the current time, when Civitavecchia holds the European leadership in the cruise industry. Afterwards, the delegation was accompanied by the Director of the AdSP, Malcolm Morini, to the RCT terminal where they were welcomed by General Manager, John Portelli and they ended the tour with a ride on a motorboat provisioned by President of the mooring, Giorgio Pilara, from where they were able to admire the historical-artistic beauties of the historic harbor from the pier of Lazzaretto, which aroused a strong interest.

Yesterday's visit yesterday is a further important step of this AdSP toward the exploitation, also in an international key, of historical and artistic heritage of the ports in the Lazio network with economic-trade outcomes. The visit concluded with the provision of a meeting in next September in order to plan future actions with the objective of developing trade relations.

The 100 episodes of the program will be broadcast on CCTV4 (International channel of the Chinese TV that is broadcast across the globe and that in Italy will be on channel 580 of Sky) starting Spring 2019 and shown for the whole year.


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Port System Authority of the North-Center Thyrrenean Sea:
Ports of Rome and the Lazio

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