UPDATED 16th June 2021

As is known, the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) has caused widespread disruption in the national transportation, including the arrivals and departures of ferries and cruises.

On this page you can find all the useful and updated information about the port of Civitavecchia, especially regarding the connections to SardiniaSicilySpain and Tunisia by ferry and by the main cruise lines.

Drive-in Covid-19 testing centre at Largo della Pace - Port of Civitavecchia

Drive-in Covid-19 testing centre at Largo della Pace - Port of Civitavecchia

Drive-In Covid Test Centre at the Port of Civitavecchia

At the Drive-In in Largo della Pace, ASL operators provide swab tests to those notified by the Public Health Service S.I.S.P. ( Servizio Igiene e Sanità Pubblica - UOC SISP) and to those who voluntarily request it


  • Morning: from 08.00 to 13.30(Mon - Sat)
  • Afternoon: from 17.00 to 21.00 (open daily, including Sundays)

To request a voluntary PCR test (e.g. for travel or for work) you must have a e-prescription and a fiscal code. If you want, you can book a test on the regional portal BOOK DRIVE-IN TEST.

This service is not free of charge and the costs are as follows*:

  • PCR swab test:  € 69,88
  • Rapid antigen test:  € 13,94

IMPORTANT: only electronic payment is accepted (no cash).

If you don't have a e-prescription, you can go directly to the Drive-In at the indicated times (you don't need to book). There, a doctor will give you a prescription.




To know the test result, please contact (from Tuesday to Saturday):

Those who have a positive test result will be promptly advised.

Drive-in centre opening hours: Monday- Friday  7.00 a.m-8p.m.; Saturday 7.00 a.m- 2 p.m.

Drive-in centre opening hours: Monday- Friday 7.00 a.m-8p.m.; Saturday 7.00 a.m- 2 p.m.


All the connections and ordinary transport of people to and from Sardinia on the routes of Civitavecchia-Olbia, Civitavecchia-Cagliari, Civitavecchia-Porto Torres and Civitavecchia-Arbatax are in operation.

From 15 June 2021, all passengers arriving in Sardinia will no longer be asked for a vaccination or recovery certificate or Covid test.

All passengers travelling back from Sardinia are strongly recommended to take a covid-test within 48 hours from arrival. To book a swab test, please visit the official Salute Lazio page.

Port of Olbia

Port of Olbia


From May 31, 2021, all passengers arriving in Sicily will no longer be required to have a vaccination certificate or a certificate of recovery or Covid test.

For more information and/or updates, please visit the official website.

Panoramic view of Palermo

Panoramic view of Palermo


Passenger transport to Tunis from the port of Civitavecchia is currently operational.


From June the 1st, 2021, ALL TRAVELLERS arriving in Tunisia are required to:

  • take a PCR test less than 72 hours before travel and carry dated evidence of a negative result. Children under 2 years old are exempt.

  • Download the "E7mi" mobile application or log on to the website https://app.e7mi.tn/language before travelling and fill in the health surveillance form with the commitment to undergo quarantine. The form must be printed out and signed prior entering Tunisia;

  • undergo a 7-day quarantine at home.

Exemptions. They are exempt from the obligation to present the negative PCR test certificate and to undergo 7 days of self-isolation:

a) Travellers who have received all doses of the coronavirus vaccination. This evidence should be from the relevant health authorities or contain a QR code;

b) Travellers who have tested positive for coronavirus at least six weeks before the departure date and who can present official evidence of it;                                                       

Incoming passengers will be subjected to a rapid Covid test upon arrival in Tunisia: if positive, they will be taken to quarantine centers.

A list of laboratories performing covid tests in Tunisia is available on the portal https://rdvtestcovid.tn/ and there you can book a test. For suspected cases of Covid-19 positivity, medical isolation and transfer to dedicated hospitals are provided.

For further information, please visit the web site Viaggiare Sicuri.

Those returning to Italy must fill in a self-declaration, in which the reason for entry/return must be indicated. Travel for tourism is not allowed. It is advisable to be prepared to show any supporting documents in order to answer any questions from the staff in charge of controls.

You can reach your final destination in Italy only by private means (transit is allowed at the airport, without leaving the designated areas). It is also necessary to undergo fiduciary isolation and health surveillance for 14 days.

For more information, please visit the website of the Italian Embassy in Tunis.

Panoramic view of Tunis with the port in the background

Panoramic view of Tunis with the port in the background


Passenger transport to Barcelona from the port of Civitavecchia is currently operational.


Entry into Spain is allowed, without quarantine obligation.

For those coming from Italy it is mandatory to present one of the following documents:

  • complete vaccination certificate;
  • negative molecular or antigenic test carried out in the 48 hours prior to entry into the country;
  • coronavirus recovery certificate not older than 180 days.

For Italy, the obligation concerns passengers from any region. Before entering Spain by air or sea, it is also necessary to fill in a "public health form", through the website spth.gob.es or the Spain Travel Health-SPTH APP, obtaining a QR code to be presented (on a device mobile or printed) upon arrival in Spain.


For entry into Italy from Spain, a molecular or antigen test is required within 48 hours prior to entry (showing the negative result). Having received one or two doses of the vaccine, at least for the moment, does not constitute grounds for exemption.

From 24 May 2021, for all entries in Italy, the paper self-declaration is replaced by the digital form that can be filled in at the following address: https://app.euplf.eu.

Port of Barcelona

Port of Barcelona

Provisions for the Autostrade del Mare Terminal

All Covid-19 precautions have been taken at the Autostrade del Mare Terminal, where you find the ticket offices.

Access from the main entrance is limited to fifteen people at a time, and is controlled by authorised personnel.

In addition, distance in waiting lines and between the offices has been increased thanks to a visible tape on the ground.

All the area is constantly being sanitized.

Provisions for the Autostrade del Mare Terminal

Provisions for the Autostrade del Mare Terminal


We invite all passengers and port operators to respect the general provisions summarized in the infographic issued by the Ministry of Health.

For further information: www.salute.gov.it

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