PORT OF CIVITAVECCHIA - 25th August 2016

After the Brazilian Navy Vessel moored at dock 14 yesterday, today at 10am in the morning the Ara Libertad Frigate, school vessel of the Argentine Navy, has arrived at the port.

The beautiful sailing ship is at its 45th training voyage and it is moored at dock 8 of the Port of Civitavecchia, where it will stay until 9 am on Tuesday 30th August. The ship will be visitable until Monday 29th August from 3 pm to 6 pm.

The ARA Libertad will travel to 14 ports during this training voyage that will last 196 days sailing an overall of 20,000 miles.

Before jumpin gon board, let's learn more about the history and curious facts about this jewel of the seven seas.

ARA Libertad Frigate at port of Civitavecchia

ARA Libertad Frigate at port of Civitavecchia

History and curious facts

The A.R.A. Libertad, designed and built in 1953 at the Rio Santiago Shipyard in Ensenada (Argentina) is one of the biggest and fastest sailing ships in the world.

Her maiden voyage was in 1961, and having covered 800,000 nautical milesvisited 500 ports in more than 60 countries and trained more than 11,000 navy graduates, she continues to be a training ship, as well as a traveling goodwill ambassador of the Argentine Navy around the world.

The ship has been awarded many honours and decorations. In 1986 she won the Great Medal Prize establishing the speed world record (that has not been beaten) for crossing the North Atlantic Ocean. The Argentine sailing ship run between Cape Race (Canada) and the imaginary line going from Dublin to Liverpool, covering 2m058 miles in 8 days and 12 hours.

In addition, the ARA Libertad has been 9 times winner of the Boston Teapot Trophy, which is awarded every year by the Sail Training Association to the sailing ship able to cover the highest distance in 124 hours time.

A suggestive image of the ARA Libertad at sunset - Photo by Juan Ramon Rodriguez Sosa – Wikipedia Commons CC BY-SA 2.0

A suggestive image of the ARA Libertad at sunset - Photo by Juan Ramon Rodriguez Sosa – Wikipedia Commons CC BY-SA 2.0

The ARA Libertad Training Vessel open to visitors

The ARA Libertad Training Vessel open to visitors

Her complement is 220, including officers, corporals and naval cadets. On 1963 it started its activity as school ship.

Some of the missions of the ARA Libertard are being involved in foreign policy, contributing to improve international navy relations and strenghtening the friendship links with other ship owners.

On 2 October 2003, she caught fire while anchored off the Spanish port of Ferrol, an incident that severely damaged the ship's hull and bedrooms of aspiring midshipmen.

That's why between 2004 and 2007 the ship stopped her activity and underwent a general mid-life update.

The main works included the upgrade of the propulsion plant and the machine room, refitment of bedrooms and bathrooms, renewal of lab and health equipment, replacement of frames and candle sticks, replacement of all Burma teak linings and restoration of spars.

Technical Information

For the most curious ones, here are some technical information about the ship:

Laid down: 11 December 1953

Launched: 30 May 1956

Owner: Argentine Navy

Crew: 24 officers, 187 crewmen and 150 cadets

Lenght: 104 m

Beam: 14.31 m

Displacement: 3.765 tonnellate

Draft: 6.60 m

Beam: 14 m

Speed: 13,5 knots (25 km/h - engine power only)

On the deck of the ARA Libertad

On the deck of the ARA Libertad

Today, also thanks to these interventions, the ARA Libertad is back sailing the seas stronger and more beautiful than ever before!

The ship will leave on August 30 to the Pireus and you can visit it until next Monday 29th August from 3pm to 6pm.

We have visited it and here is our little photo reportage!

Useful information


The vessel is moored at dock 8 of the Port of Civitavecchia, close to Fort Michelangelo.


The ARA Libertad is visitable from Thursday 25 to Monday 28 from 3pm to 6pm.


Free visit.

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