On 18th December 2020 Pino Mussolino was officially nominated as the new President of the Port System Authority of the Central Northern Tyrrhenian Sea.

Outgoing president Francesco Maria di Majo welcomed his successor in a symbolic handover event, which took place after a long chat.

"I leave this institution where I spent four very busy but fantastic years – commented di Majo – with the many professionals present in AdSP we have worked hard and together traced a path that, I am sure, my successor Pino Musolino, of whom I have a sincere esteem, will complete by contributing to achieving the much-desired goals that Civitavecchia and the entire Lazio network with the ports of Fiumicino and Gaeta deserve to attain”.

Pino Musolino is the new President of AdSP, Ports of Rome and Lazio

Pino Musolino is the new President of AdSP, Ports of Rome and Lazio

"Now the priorities are to overcome the administrative difficulty due to the Management Committee’s negative vote on the budget and to plan for the short and medium term how to offset the negative and dramatic effects of the crisis caused by the pandemic. It’s an uphill challenge, but I am extremely proud and grateful for this opportunity to work for the ports of Rome and Lazio”, declared the President of the AdSP Pino Musolino.

Pino Musolino, born in 1978 and a true Venetian, has a degree in Law and comes from the experience in the Venetian ports where, since March 2017, he has held the role of President first and Commissioner in recent months. He has considerable experience in the port maritime sector at national, European and international level.


So we wish the new President the best success in his work!

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