The rain of last Friday (November,15) has not stopped the last act of the SeaBootCamp 2019, an important event promoted and set up by the Regione Lazio together with Lazio Innova, with the sponsorship and support of many institutions (read article), including Port Mobility, which this year has had again the honor and pleasure to participate.

There have been 14 startups in the race for the opportunity to prove their innovative projects for the economy of the sea at the headquarters in Civitavecchia of the Port System Authority of the Center-North Thyrrenian Sea:

Monotricat srl, CNT Technologies srl, Seares srl, Teti srl, MVC Technology Spa, Ellotech srl, Pragma Etimos srl, First Tech Innovation srl, The Thinking Clouds srl, Generma srl, Triscovery srl, Inglobe Technologies srl, Ispace 2.0 and Superelectric srl.


The brilliant idea of Seares, engineering company of Lucca who designed the SEADAMP PLUS, an innovative mooring system that takes energy of the sea and immediately puts at the disposal of the battery pack of the edge, has won the first prize of €10,000.

In other words, it gathers the energy from the wave motion by exploiting the movements of vessels at the mooring. The undertow in ports creates an oscillatory motion for boats to the mooring that urges the peaks. The shock absorber Seadamp Plus not only provides an elastic energy that protects the duration of peaks but also recharges the batteries on board.

We leave you to this beautiful video which describes in detail the product:


Seares has also won the special prize of Sailbiz (media partner of Seaboot camp) while the special Plastic Free award of €5,000 has been awarded to SuperElectric, who have devised a sensor able to intercept in aerial monitoring phase traces of plastic in the sea.

We want to take the chance to congratulate all participants: each project really deserved a special prize and therefore we encourage them for the challenge at the next appointment of SeaBoot Camp!

Seaboot Camp 2019, a moment of the award cerimony by the AdSP at the Port of Civitavecchia

Seaboot Camp 2019, a moment of the award cerimony by the AdSP at the Port of Civitavecchia

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