Port Mobility Spa (hereinafter, the "Company") provides users who visit or follow its social networks with full information on the processing of personal data.

When you visit the site, the social network provider collects personal data in its capacity as Data Controller. The data collection by the social network may occur even if the user is not logged in or is not registered with the social network. You can find information about Data collection and processing in the Privacy Policy section of the website.

The Company does not have full access to the data collected by the social network or to users' profiles: it can only access information from the user's "public" profile and collect personal Data provided directly by the user.

The personal data of users who interact with the Company through the site or other means (private messages, DMs) are processed by authorised personnel and by the social network provider for the unique purpose of being able to react to potential requests. The legal basis for the processing of personal data lies in the execution of pre-contractual measures. If necessary, the Data may also be used in the legitimate interest of the owner to defend or assert a right. The Data are kept only for the time necessary to respond to the requests, with the exception of cases where they must be used for defensive purposes.

The Company receives anonymous statistics from social media companies on how the site is used. This aggregated Data helps us understand how people interact with our social networks. We use this Data to improve the content published on the site and to meet the users interest. The Company cannot link the statistic data received by social media companies to individual user profiles.

With regard to the management of the Site, the legal basis for the processing of personal data is the legitimate interest of the Company in analysing how users use the Site. To process this information, the company uses social media tools.

If the Company decides to implement specific campaigns using the services offered by the social networks, it will provide information on the Data collection and will request consent for the processing.

The law gives the data subject the right to appeal against all acts related to the processing of personal data.

For further information on the data processing carried out by Port Mobility Spa, please contact the company by sending an email to: privacy@portmobility.it


This privacy notice is updated on July 02nd, 2021

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