The suggestive Fort St. Peter, better known as Molo del Lazzaretto, has been the location of the port of Civitavecchia chosen on May 5th 2015, to film some scenes of the most awaited Zoolander 2, counting as main characters with incorrigible Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson along with beautiful Penelope Cruz.

The movie, already bound to become a new cult movie, will be released on February 11, 2016 and see the amazing Ben Stiller will put again himself in the shoes of fashion model Derek Zoolander.

The production crew have planned to film for 12 weeks in Rome, in the film studio of Cinectittà and surroundings. It was no coincidence that on February 9th 2015, Ben Stiller went to Rome to choose the locations to shoot film. 

Also Civitavecchia will play a role in Zoolander 2, since some scenes will be shot precisely at Molo del Lazzaretto, one of the most important monuments of Historic Port.

The film will count with some VIP cameo, like the Beckham family, Justin Bieber and Italian Carolina Crescentini.

Molo del Lazzaretto during the filming of Zoolander 2

Molo del Lazzaretto during the filming of Zoolander 2

"Rome will play a big role... but I can't say any more for now" Ben Stiller

The crew during the filming

The crew during the filming

Whoever has watched Zoolander knows that we can really expect everything from the unpredictable duo Stiller-Wilson and we are very curious to have a sneak preview

That's why we have gone to interview directly Enrico Latella, location manager of the  production, who has very kindly granted us some of his time.

Here you have our brief interview!


Molo del Lazzaretto, with 2,000 years of history, is one of the most suggestive and old monuments of Civitavecchia: how did you choose this particular location?
We checked the place out and we liked the location since the beginning, it was right for us. Molo del Lazzaretto is really perfect for our needs, but, in general, the whole port of Civitavecchia has positively surprised us. Taking a short walk around it's plain to see that this is more than just a normal port.

Can we have a little sneak preview of the scenes? What shall we expect?
The scene is very simple: a ship arriving at an island where the remains of For St. Peter  can be seen.

Which actors of the cast appear in this scene?
Mostly all the main characters, including Ben Stiller and Penelope Cruz.

How long will you be shooting in Civitavecchia?
We must shoot both at Molo del Lazzaretto and in the Interport area. If not today, we will likely finish tomorrow. It depends much on the weather.

How is the filming going?
It is going well, but as I said, it depends a lot on weather conditions. Today, for instance, the filming has experienced some delays due to the heavy wind.

Do you plan to shoot in other Italian locations for Zoolander 2?

No, not yet. The filming will last 12 weeks and it will end by the end of June. Once we finish here in Civitavecchia we will move back to Rome.


"Non-lethal drone work on the Tirrenico" writes yesterday, June 15, 2015, Ben Stiller himself from his Facebook Fanpage, thus revealing the tip of new locations for Zoolander 2 in the Port of Civitavecchia, this time by a remote-controlled drone that flies over the Tyrrhenian Sea.

What else... Ben Stiller's picture is clear! The skyline that can be seen in the picture is exactly the port of Civitavecchia!

P.S. Dear Ben our sea is called Tirreno and not Tirrenico, but now we are so fond of you that we forgive you the mispronunciation :)

Filming for Zoolander 2 in the Port of Civitavecchia with a remote-controlled drone

Filming for Zoolander 2 in the Port of Civitavecchia with a remote-controlled drone

Proud to have played again a small role, we can only wait for the film release, which will surely be "really, really, ridiculously good looking"!

Useful information

Zoolander 2 is the sequel to the 2001 film Zoolander. It is a parody of the fashion world, with main character Ben Stiller interpreting the role of model Derek Zoolander.


Shooting in Italy will take 12 weeks and will be mainly in Rome, in the film studio of Cinecittà and surroundings. During two days, the port of Civitavecchia will welcome the crew and the cast of the film. They will shoot in Molo del Lazzaretto and in the North area of the Port.

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