Frammenti, the celebration of Franco Ciambella dedicated to High Fashion, returns to the historical framework of Porta Livorno, this Wednesday 13th September from 9 pm. The 18th edition will as always count with 'Made in Italy' personalities presenting new collections, alternating with live music and dance performances.

The social commitment that has always characterized the event will be honored also during this edition and the entire collection of donations will go to Onlus. Essential for the realization of the event the financing by Fondazione Ca.Ri.Civ., thanks to timely determination of President Vincenzo Cacciaglia.

The evening had also this year the patronage both from the municipality of Civitavecchia, Mayor Antonio Cozzolino and Councillor Enzo D'Antò, and the Port Authority of Civitavecchia, patronage wanted by president Francesco Maria Di Majo, who wanted it to be part of the celebratory events of  Trajano Optimus Princeps - the Ports of the Emperor ,recognizing its national and international importance,

The event will start, in fact, with an invocation to Trajan from panegyric of Pliny the Younger, interpreted by the unmistakable voice of Luca Ward.

Fashion guests this year will be some of the more creative minds that the Italian fashion world can boast at an international level.

Roberto Guarducci, couturier from Puglia, a stylist with a long professional experience has worked since the eighties for Luciano Soprani and Basile, but his most outstanding experience was at Fendi for over 20 years alongside Karl Lagerfeld, also following the organization of catwalks in Italy and abroad.

Creator and artistic director of the High Fashion event called "The Magic of Muses", will present a collection dedicated to female beauty, with High Fashion clothes worthy of a true "Diva", without time.

Frammenti 2017: official poster of the event by Franco Ciambella

Frammenti 2017: official poster of the event by Franco Ciambella

A shot of a previous edition of Frammenti - Picture by Tiziano Toma

A shot of a previous edition of Frammenti - Picture by Tiziano Toma

Gianni Sapone, the "golden boy of the new wave of Italian fashion", born in Reggio Calabria is a stylist with an international vision: his creative world is populated by fairies and magic, his experience in High Fashion leads him to collaborate for years with the couturier Fausto Sarli. The "memorial", being the son of art, is the thread that binds and soul the collection "Female", the portrait of a woman of the south with all its cultural values that materialise in clothesof  rich handicraft and preciousness.

Gerardo Sacco, the jewels of the king from Cretone are characterized by strong contamination, these are the elements that make of its jewels an example of artistic vitality and emotional. He has made important jewelry for the cinema, theater and television. For Frammenti he will propose two new lines of hand-woven jewelry with wires in gold and silver example of a story made of craftsmanship genuinely Italian, that will go with a creation specially created for Liz Taylor of Sacco private collection bag.

As absolute preview a line of jewelry inspired by emperor Trajan and to empress Pompeia Plotina will be shown with original reproductions of battles in Dacia footage from the Trajan column in ancient vitreous paste and various effigies of the emperor footage from ancient coins. Gerardo Sacco, as a storyteller tells the story of ancient crafts as well as the feats of ancient Emperor Trajan.

IISS School Luigi Calamatta will also be guest of the evening, that to celebrate the 20 years of commitment to schooling in the formation of fashion, participated and won an invitation of the Ministry of Education of the program "Made in Italy - an educational model", which sought to make known to the territory the potentialities of school address.

The theme, that had as external tutor designer Franco Ciambella, is inspired and dedicated to the Etruscans, a contemporary vision of High Fashion in the history of our territory, masterfully realized by students followed by their teachers, prove of how this institution is an efficient training nursery of art and professionalism.

Franco Ciambella, ambassador of the event, will present the new collection inspired to Venus that takes the creative ideas from the poem of Lucretius De rerum natura. The slight and seductive stylistic vision of woman/goddess stated in its elegance with an evanescent, and somehow austere collection, which vibrates in all colors dear to Roman paintings and from the representation of the gardens that we find on the Pompeian frescoes, thereby turning on the light of embroidery of gold symbol of glory heavenly and earthly and eternal youth.


Stylist Franco Ciambella during edition 2016 by Frammenti

Stylist Franco Ciambella during edition 2016 by Frammenti

The evening, hosted by Chiara Giallonardo, known face of RAIUNO and co-presenter of Linea Verde, will count as musical guest with extraordinary Maria Rita Combattelli, young soprano, accompanied on the piano by pianist Ju Hee Lee.

Also dance will have its moments of grace with the performances of the ASD Free Fusion, directed by choreographer Emanuela Scicchitano, who has prepared a double act inspired by "Apollo and Dafne" metaphor of love that cannot exist, performed by Elisa Stampigioni, young promise of national dance and Francesco Lappano, eclectic performer with years of training.

Finally contribution to totally Italian beauty, the presence of Alice Sabatini Miss Italia 2015 and semi finalist from Civitavecchia Sara Gaudenzi.

Frammenti, organized by  Giulio Castello for the artistic and cultural association Il Mosaico and Franco Ciambella, now represents one of the more prestigious High Fashion events at national level and the splendid setting of the historic harbor contribute every year to create a magical evening absolutely not to be missed!

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The event will be held at the monumental staircase of Porta Livorno, in the heart of the Historic Port of Civitavecchia.


From 9 pm.


All takings will be donated to ASSPROHA

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