On great demand - from December, 10 2015 and until February, 10 2016 (every day from 9.30 to 13.30) - Navalia will be back, the exhibition that has thrilled and aroused so much enthusiasm to scholars, students, Civitavecchia citizens and tourists from all over the world. We told you about it in the article "NAVALIA, TRAVELING EXHIBIT AT THE ROCK" where you can find the interview to Mario Palmieri, creator and organiser of the exhibition, and all useful information for your visit.

Navalia is an authentic trip amidst some old wreckage and findings. Some guides available at the exhibition (also in English), will help you understand the technological abilities and power achieved by old Romans.

Attention to the change of location: it is no longer held at the Rock of Civitavecchia but at the suggestive space owned by Marine Service srl. So, a few meters further on, still inside the Historic Port of Civitavecchia.

Navalia, the exhibition that shows the greatness of the Roman fleet

Navalia, the exhibition that shows the greatness of the Roman fleet

We report the full press release sent to us by the organisers:

Reopens at Civitavecchia the Exhibition of Experimental Naval Archeology  - Navalia  “Power and Technology of the Roman Fleet”. From December, 10 until the first days of February.

The exhibition represents a trip among old wreckage and particular finds, through wich, some philological hypotesis will be presented, reconstructions of equipment and working machines that will make it easier to understand the great abilities of the old people to navigate and, afterwards, of the Romans to conquer Seas and Oceans. The levels of technology reached by the Empire were really unbelievable.

The iniciative got a remarkable success in the area last summer among citizens from Civitavecchia, cruise passengers, workers and archeologists and aroused interest and excitement especially to many schools from the lowest to the highest grades.

Mario Palmieri, creator and organiser of

Mario Palmieri, creator and organiser of "Navalia" on this picture at the Old Rock (first location of the exhibition).

The Show will be held at the suggestive spaces owned by Marine Service srl at the Old Port of Civitavecchia just a few centimeters away from the famous Vanvitelli Fountain and it will be sponsored by Consorzio Stabile Castalia S.C.p.A. which takes care with their fleet to the safeguard, protection and education of the marine environment at both national and international levels.

The entrance to Navalia is placed within the Roman Warehouses between Porta Livorno and the Vanvitelli Fountain

The entrance to Navalia is placed within the Roman Warehouses between Porta Livorno and the Vanvitelli Fountain

The collaboration between Castalia and the Archeological Center of Naval Studies (CASNO -LANS) that actively relates in naval archeology with the French CNRS and many national and international universities is born from a deep respect for the Sea and its mysteries and unknown depths on which both institutions have placed their research, studies and work.

In the exhibition it will also be possible to admire systems, machines and robots used in modern submarine research allowing to glimpse the strong potential synergy development between the two institutions mentioned above.

In the exceptional archaeological site where the Exhibition Navalia will be located, you will also be able to see inside, perfectly and abundantly working, the aqueduct which supplied drinking water to vessels known as "onerarie", "quadriremi" and "quinqueremi" that departed or came from all over the Empire to the Port of Centumcelle.

Everything restored and enhanced by Marine Service srl, in communion with the Superintendent. Even more incredible is the mysterious origin of this aqueduct, its source and its likely potability.

Enjoy the visit.

The poster of the reopening of Navalia at the Historic Port of Civitavecchia

The poster of the reopening of Navalia at the Historic Port of Civitavecchia

The exhibition is really worth a visit, also with children who, among miniature ships and hydraulic machines working perfectly, will surely not get bored.


One of the main atractions of the exhibition is surely the Roman aqueduct that is still working!

The building, very likely part of the aquedcut built in 1589 by Pope Sixtus V next to the Roman Dockyard and represented by Cesare Nebbia, Paul Brill and Giovanni Guerra between 1588 and 1589 to embellish the Sixtine Room of the Vatican Library. 

A curiosity: in these 2 frescoes is also represented a colossal statue, which, according to an interesting hypothesis, would be the mythical statue of Neptune sunk in the sea bottom of the Roman Dockyard. You have never heard of this story?

Well, then click here to find out more about the Statue of Neptune in the Roman Dockyard.


Useful information

Exhibition of Experimental Naval Archeology  - Navalia  “Power and Technology of the Roman Fleet”
For info casnlans@gmail.com


Entering the Port of Civitavecchia from Varco Fortezza (Fort Michelangelo) go along the old city walls by Urban VIII next to the Calata della Rocca, and by the Vanvitelli Fountain you'll find the entrance to the exhibition.



From Dcember, 10 2015 to February, 10 2016, open every day from 9.30 to 13.30
Guided tours: 10.20, 11.30, 12.00
Closing days: 25/12, 01/01, 06/01

Adults: €4 
Adults with guide: €5
Children aged 8 to 13: €3 
Children under 8: free admission
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