Civitavecchia's Local Tourist Office, in collaboration with the Cook Italian Federation (Delegation of Civitavecchia) and Port of Rome, presents Anima Marinara, the first food event that brings the traditional seafood and fish dishes of Civitavecchia to the splendid setting of the Taurine Baths.

The event, which will take place from 13 to 17 September, is the right chance to rediscover the value of fishing in Civitavecchia, which has always played a key role in the city's economy.

The “Cartoccio di Traiano” will be for the first time presented during the event and will be available for tasting together with other traditional dishes. Seafood and fish dishes are, in fact, some of the specialities for which Civitavecchia is loved and valued.

Finally, the event counts with a round table, workshops, show cooking and much more. But let's dive into the event looking into the full programme!


During the event in the different food stands will also be available veggie and gluten free versions of the Cartoccio di Traiano. What is it?

The "Cartoccio di Traiano" is nothing more than take-away fried fish made with blue fish, seafood and season fruits and vegetables... authentic street-food Made in Civitavecchia to enjoy in company :)

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Civitavecchia Anima Marinara - Poster of the event

Civitavecchia Anima Marinara - Poster of the event


- At 17.00: Round Table with Prof. Giuseppe Nocca (Fish farming in Ancient Rome), Angelo Possenti (History of Civitavecchia's Culinary Art), Doctor Riccardo Marongiu (Nutritional properties of fish) and Tito Marotta (olive oil and combination with wine).

- At 19.00: Presentation and tasting of "Cartoccio di Traiano" (Trajan's Paper Cornet) followed by a tasting of traditional dishes


- At 18.00: Civitavecchia and old flavours - Show Cooking of Civitavecchia recipes


- At 18.00: Hands on dough with the chefs - Cooking workshop for children: biscuits and mini-pizzas


- At 18.00: Hands on dough with the chefs - Cooking workshop for adults: classic and filled egg pasta


- At 18.00: Aphrodisiac recipes - Game of the senses

Every day, after the scheduled activities there will be a tasting of typical Civitavecchia dishes and the "Cartoccio di Traiano" (Trajan's Paper Cornet).

In addition, throughout the event a permanent photography exhibition will be displayed about the Fishing Soul of Civitavecchia and there will be some costumed actors who will make you relive at best the atmosphere of Ancient Rome.


The true added value of this event is provided by the splendid setting of the Taurine Baths, also known as Trajan Baths, after the Roman emperor, founder of the city.

We are talking about one of the most important thermal complexs of Roman Age throughout the whole south Etrurian area. Old Romans came here to relax and recover thanks to the therapeutical properties of its hot waters, the same running through the close Ficoncella Thermal Baths.

Taurine Baths of Civitavecchia

Taurine Baths of Civitavecchia

Among the remains, some pools, massage rooms and various spaces have been preserved, everything decorated by friezes, mosaics and marbles. Changing rooms, bedrooms, baths for the elder and for children, cold baths, a turkish bath and much more for what was for all intents and purposes a true ground-breaking for our modern spa!

Place of great social gathering, to the thermal baths went both eminent personalites and common people, like Roman legionaries just disembarked from war. Learn more reading our article about the Taurine Baths and visit also the close Ficoncella Thermal Baths to conclude the day feeling totally relaxed! 

Useful information

Civitavecchia Fishing Soul at the Taurine Baths

By car:
- from south (Rome): driving along Autostrada A12 (E 80) exit Civitavecchia Nord; turn left towards Tolfa (SP 7b), you will arrive after about 1 km;
- from north (Grosseto): driving along via Aurelia (SS1), turn into Autostrada A12 (E 80) towards Roma exit Civitavecchia Nord; turn left towards Tolfa (SP 7b,) ou will arrive after about 1 km.

By public transports: Line B runs thrice a day departing from Civitavecchia Train Station stopping at Largo della Pace. Timetable: 9.10/11.10/12.10


- Anima Marinara:

From 13 to 17 September: for timetables check out the detailed programme.

- To visit the Taurine Baths archeological site:

Open every day from 9.30 to 13.30. The ticket office closes at 13.00.

For information and guided visits go and talk to the number +39 327269699665 or go and see the site

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