These are big news for sport fishing lovers in Civitavecchia.

Thanks to the commitment of the Association ASD Amici del Mare di Civitavecchia (Friends of the sea in Civitavecchia), an agreement was signed between the Authority of the Port System, Port Captaincy and Town of Civitavecchia to earmark a quay of the port for fishing.

The pier selected by the authorities is quay 8, which in addition to being easily accessible on foot entering from Varco Fortezza, it has a large car park and concrete blocks already installed.

The activity will take place only on the weekends and days and times will be regulated on a monthly basis, according to the mooring of vessels at the quay.

Great satisfaction by President of ASD Umberto Cocumazzi and Vice-President Alessandro Pacitti, who seize the opportunity to invite all fans of this sport to remain in contact with the association.

For further information please call: 3313758675.

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