The 3rd edition of the "Genoa Shipping Week",  the week about Economy and Culture of the Sea, held in Genoa from the 26th of June through the 1st of July, involved some Port System Authority Presidents, including advocate di Majo, President of the Port System Authority of the Center-North Thyrrenian Sea, who participated in two forums about the environment: one about the “smoke” of ships and the other, the Green Shipping Summit 2017, about the development of green ports and requalification processes of the waterfront.    

Francesco Maria di Majo, President of the Port System Authority of the Center-North Thyrrenian Sea

Francesco Maria di Majo, President of the Port System Authority of the Center-North Thyrrenian Sea

These two meetings have been interesting and full with examples, where the importance of a close cooperation between Port System Authorities, Port Captaincies and ARPA to face correctly and efficiently the topic of emissions to the atmosphere related to sea transportation

Francesco Maria di Majo

The Port System Authorities - explained President di Majo at the conference about smoke - are obliged to adopt an energy and environment plan that requires a series of interventions in a well-defined time frame, aimed at improving the environment and energy efficiency, fulfilling, also environmental European and international obligations".

During the Green Shipping Summit, opened by President Di Majo together with admiral Pettorino, all activities that the Port System Authority of the Center-North Thyrrenian Sea has put in place for the protection and preservation of the environment were mentioned, including the recent voluntary agreement to reduce the sulfur content of the fuel of vessels also in navigation, as well as incentives for the reduction of port charges. On the same page, AdSP is promoting the use of LNG, starting from the first feeding operation (fuelling) in Italy of the cruise ship Aida Pearl.

"All these initiatives - concluded di Majo - will help to improve the quality of air in the port area, and therefore also of the surrounding neighborhoods. In this way you the development of maritime traffic and the right of citizens to live in a healthy environment will be balanced, and ports will be once again pleasing places frequented by citizens and tourists".

President di Majo also reminded that it is key to focus on the development of the waterfront by allocating the areas closest to the city and richer in terms of cultural and historical heritage to tourist and social and cultural purposes and that is why the port of Civitavecchia is valuing the archaeological heritage present in the ancient Roman Darsena with an exhibit dedicated to Emperor Trajan 1900 years after his death.

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