There is a beautiful trip ahead of us.

We will depart from Tarquinia, capital of Etruscan art, to reach Montalto di Castro, Vulci, Tuscania and other cities in South Etruria.

We will go uphill to the Fortress of Tolfa and then we will go downhill again to get lost among the tiny streets and trattorias of Allumiere; we will fall in love in front of the lake of Bracciano and we will go for a walk holding hands along the lake, by Anguillara Sabazia.

We will plunge into the waters of Santa Marinella, pearl of the Thyrrenean, and from the magical Castle of Santa Severa we will get to the mysterious Cerveteri.

We will visit the splendid ruins of Ostia Antica and the archeological area of the Port of Trajan and, to end with, like Ulysses, we will go back to our landing place where the next trip awaits to bring us back home.

Gaeta with its wonderful beaches, its art and splendid Medieval churches, Fiumicino with its magical sunsets and its millenary history, Civitavecchia with its monuments, the Historic Port and the Thermal Baths, and finally, obviously Rome, capital of the Mediterranean and  cradle of civilisation.

This is our cultural heritage, this is our home... welcome to the Ports of Rome.

Watch also the first part!


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