The upcoming 25th April long weekend is the perfect time to enjoy a weekend out of town and finally take a break.

Italy’s Liberation Day (25 april) is a great chance to take a short holiday. Especially, if you can bring together the long weekend with Easter or the 1st of May or even both.

Here's a series of ideas and suggestions suitable for all tastes, to spend a nice 25th April.

1. 25th April long weekend on open air: nature, parks and rest

There's no points in saying it, but for all enthusiasts of nature and outdoor trips the options are so many. Hoping for the arrival of a temperate weather and sunny days, these are some destinations suitable for the whole family.


The Capital is as god as any place regarding parks nd gardens, what's more, the city has some of Italy's most beautiful green bits. Our tip for the 25th April is to visit Villa Borghese and Villa Torlonia.

Villa Borghese is beyond doubt the most famoust and lively park in Rome!

There are many attractions in this "green" heart, from the romantic Lake Garden, to the Borghese Gallery, from the Bioparco zoo to the attractions for kids, like the play center Casina di Raffaello, in addition to many wide green spaces, sport facilities and much more.

For further information on the attractions and to know how to reach the park, read this page.

Lake in Villa Borghese

Lake in Villa Borghese

Villa Torlonia - Casina delle Civette

Villa Torlonia - Casina delle Civette

Also Villa Torlonia with its 3 museums (the Art Nouveau Casina delle Civette, the Casino dei Principi and the Casino Nobile), the theater, Mussolini's residence, the air-raid shelter, the Serra Moresca, the Medieval Villino, the Campo dei Tornei and much more, make a splendid park that has many surprises in store for the visitors.

It is one of Rome's more beautiful and best-cared-of parks where you can stop by for an outdoors picnic plunged into greenery among a rich variety of plants, and different environments.


For enthusiasts of harsh nature we recommend 2 really interesting places in the Lazio region: Macchiatonda Regional Nature Reserve and Vulci Archaeological Naturalistic Park.

Macchiatonda Reserve and birdwatching

Macchiatonda Reserve and birdwatching

Macchiatonda Nature Reserve is located between the sea at Santa Marinella and the Tolfa mountains, halfway between the splendid Castle of Santa Severa and the Natural Oasis of Torre Flavia

The reserve extends for well 250 hectares of boggy fields, freshwater and brackish ponds, sand dunes and a thick forest of elm and laurel trees after which the reserve takes its name.

Many species of birds find here their ideal habitat and, because of that, the Macchiatonda Reserve is a true paradice for birdwatching lovers and nature photographers.

In the heart of the Maremma Laziale and not far from the towns of Montalto di Castro, Canino and Capalbio expands the Vulci Archaeological Naturalistic Park.

Within this huge park (about 120 hectares), among suggestive canyons of volcanic origin, the rich vegetation of the Mediterranean maquis and some funny encounter with horses or cows of the Maremma grazing wild, you will have the chance to admire the remains of the ancient city of Vulci, one of the most important Etruscan-Roman cities of Etruria.


You must visit the Castello dell'Abbadia with the amazing Ponte del Diavolo, close to the archeological area.

Vulci Archaeological Naturalistic Park

Vulci Archaeological Naturalistic Park


Visiting the Eternal City is always a good idea, especially in this period. 

If you are on a low budget, we suggest 10 free thing to do in Rome! A great itinerary you can’t miss…

One of the unmissable stops of the itinerary is the Aventine Hill, where you will find the suggestive Key Hole and the amazing Orange Garden.

Also, if you reach Venice Square, you'll have the pleasure to attend the celebrations of the Liberation Day since at the Altar of the Fatherland take place the celebrations and the homage to the Unknown Soldier by the President of Italy.

4. 25th April long weekend by the sea

For all sea lovers the 25th April long weekens is beyond doubt the perfect time to spend some hours relaxing, getting the first sunbathe and, wether permitting, take the first bath of the year.

Here are our suggestions about some of the most beautiful beaches along the Lazio coast.


Serapo, Fontania, Quaranta Remi, Ariana, Arenauta, San Vito and Sant’Agostino. The 7 beaches in Gaeta can be found along the coastline between the rocky coast of the Split Mountain at the feet of Mount Orlando and the suggestive grottoes of Sperlonga.

10 kilometers of beaches spaced out only by small inlets and rocky peaks, with a singular light and very fine sand, clear water and surrounded by thick Mediterranean vegetation. A true paradise for sea lovers!

The 7 beaches in Gaeta

The 7 beaches in Gaeta


If you can give yourself an out-of-town weekend to enjoy the arrival of summer, the Pontine Islands are the best destination, specially for sail passionates. Actaully, it's easy to find organised tours around the three islands Ponza, Palmarola and Ventotene to experience a vacation in search of both adventure and quietness.

Among the most beautiful beaches where you can spend a day by the sea are also Sabaudia, Terracina, San Felice al Circeo, Tarquinia and its Nature Reserve or Santa Severa and the Castle on the background.

Pontine Islands

Pontine Islands

5. 25th April long weekend at the Thermal Baths: relaxation and wellness

Right, we get it. Spending a whole day by the sea can be really stressful sometimes... so for the laziest and for all those who really need to take a break and relax the only solution is to plunge into warm thermal waters or treat yourself with a welness package in a full-equipped Spa.

These are some ideas for all budgets!


Not many know that in Saturnia, in addition to the thermal baths with admission with fee, there are also free thermal baths, placed close to the spring, where flows the same water than in the Spa.

This small corner of paradise is in a town called Molino and it can be freely reached from anyone anytime.

This precious sulphurous water sprngs up at a temperature of 37 centigrade and, after a hundred meters, it falls onto a series of little waterfalls into some distinctive calcareous puddles.

Free thermal baths in Saturnia (Molino)

Free thermal baths in Saturnia (Molino)

Terme di Vulci (Viterbo)

Terme di Vulci (Viterbo)


The Etruscans already sensed the beneficial and curative properties of Terme dei Vulci. Later, the Romans took advantage of the water by creating thermal baths, the so-called Vasche delle Cento Camere. Even Luciano Bonaparte (brother of Napoleon) had a thermal center built, Casale del Bagno

The water at Terme di Vulci is over a temperature of 40°C.





The Ficoncella Thermal Baths are a very ancient facility, already known and appreciated in Ancient times.

Its water is famous for its countless therapeutic proprieties, suitable for the treatment of many diseases like dermatitis, arthritis and disorders related to the gastric, respiratory or urinary systems

Its temperature goes from 50 to 60 degrees centigrade, depending on the bath where the water flows into. A real miraculous spring available to anyone.

Click here for further information.

Ficoncella Thermal Baths - Civitavecchia

Ficoncella Thermal Baths - Civitavecchia

Nature, city, culture, beach or relaxation... whatever your choice may be, we wish you a pleasant 25th April!

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