The 7th edition of Postcards from Civitavecchia is coming with a lot of news!

Last year’s edition, which was dedicated to nature, was very special and full of emotions both for the difficult period we were living in and for the warmth and affection we received. We saw an increasing participation in this initiative, which was created to promote the multiple faces of Civitavecchia.

Expectations are high also for this year and... there is a news! What is it? Read on and find out all about it.

At first, let's reveal this edition's theme.

Postcards from Civitavecchia 2022 - 7^ edition | Port Mobility

Postcards from Civitavecchia 2022 - 7^ edition | Port Mobility

Culture: from Art to Traditions

The theme of the 7th edition is "Culture: from Art to Traditions".


"The desire to discover, the desire to move, to capture the flavor, three concepts that describe the art of photography".

Helmut Newton


With the words of the famous photographer...let's open the new challenge!

Historical buildings, monuments, artworks to be rediscovered, churches, archaeological sites, ancient traditions, dying trades and much more: Civitavecchia's cultural heritage is a unique mix.

Like other maritime cities in the Mediterranean, Civitavecchia has benefited from constant cultural exchanges. Not only goods were carried by ships, but also people, ideas, knowledge, works, techniques and much more.

Partnership with the Museum of Civitavecchia

Now it' s time to announce the first good news!

What better occasion then this photo contest to enter a partnership with the National Archaeological Museum of Civitavecchia (MANC), which has recently undergone a major reorganization and expansion of its exhibition space!

The MANC will host the presentation event of the new Postcards From Civitavecchia’s Calendar. The12 selected photographs will be exhibited and awarded.

Later on we will communicate the official date. In the meantime, we invite all participants to show us through one or more photographs the places, symbols, objects, artworks and, more in general, something that belongs to the cultural heritage of the city.

The challenge is open: Postcards From Civitavecchia 2022 is waiting for you!

Postcards from Civitavecchia 2022: from Art to Traditions

Postcards from Civitavecchia 2022: from Art to Traditions

How To Participate

The contest will start on 4th October 2021 and finish on 21st November. So you have about two months to send us one or more photos: via email to; or through Facebook / Instagram (post your pictures using the hashtag #cartolinedacivitavecchia)

Only 12 pictures will be selected for the new calendar 2022, but all of them will be published on this webpage and on our social networks.

For further details, please download and read carefully the guidelines.



And there' s more to come...each of the 12 photographers selected for the Calendar will receive a special Musement Coupon to live an unforgettable experience: they can visit tourist sights, monuments and much more.

Finally, as the past editions, they will also receive 3 free copies of the calendar (both in its wall version and table version).

Postcards from Civitavecchia 2022: 7th edition

Postcards from Civitavecchia 2022: 7th edition

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